Can advanced elevator technology take vertical hospitals to the next level?

In the mid-1990s elevator giant Otis conducted a research project called Odyssey. Otis developed an elevator system that allowed elevator cab occupants to travel both vertically and horizontally within the same cab, with the option to travel vertically again. Illustrations: Douglas J. King, VOA Associates

Stantec Blog
VOA's Douglas King recalls the Odyssey project and ponders vertical transportation in high-rise healthcare design.
 Healthcare design partnership asks: What about the doctor?

Image courtesy of Joel Worthington/HDR.

HDR Insights
HDR's Abbie Clary discusses the design of healthcare facilities and how they affect doctors.
The new Vo-Tech: transforming vocational workshops into 21st century learning labs

Image courtesy Perkins+Will

Perkins+Will’s Ideas + Buildings
It’s no secret: the way students learn today is different. But facilities are adapting to the increasing demands of...
Boston Living with Water selects finalists in resiliency design competition

High Street City: (Gradually) Living with Water was selected as one of six finalists.

Sasaki Ideas
The competition asks for creative approaches for planning for a not-so-distant future Boston where higher sea levels...
Academic incubators: Garage innovation meets higher education

Houston’s TMCx links students and researchers at The Texas Medical Center campus to bio-tech start-ups and their investors. Image © Gensler

Gensler's Jill Goebel and Christine Durman discuss the role of design in academic incubators, and why many universities...
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Are face-to-face meetings still important?

It’s particularly important for sensitive communication, when having tone and body language for context makes a difference.

Steven Burns
One CEO looks pass convenience and advocates for old school, in-person meetings.
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Modular Space Showcase: Helping BP take command in the Gulf of Mexico
Williams Scotsman
Immediate emergency response to minimize and remedy environmental damage called for temporary, modular spaces.
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Top FAQs for Metal Building Insulation
Jim Place
Here are some of the most important issues for keeping fiberglass insulation working at its maximum.
Building tech breakthrough: Vacuum insulated panels keep University of Alaska students cozy in sub-zero temps

Students cozy up to the windows for the first time, thanks to innovations in curtain wall technology that allows for high-performance insulation. Images: Perkins+Will

Perkins+Will’s Ideas + Buildings
In a first-of-its-kind curtain wall installation, triple-pane VIP glass panels provide an astonishing R-40 insulation...
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Jeff Alexander
Resins, the base ingredient in any coating, vary in performance qualities from good to better to best. Selecting the...
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