| Projects| October 09, 2019
The building process doesn’t need to be overwhelming, even for first-timers. When looking at starting a building project, whether it is an addition to an existing structure, or an entirely new and individual building, asking yourself a series of...
| Insulation| May 21, 2019
This whitepaper explains how insulation at a higher R-value/inch can result in thinner external walls, greater internal floor area and ROI.
| Big Data| March 08, 2019
An accurate budget estimate begins with a clear, detailed Scope of Work. But how do you write a good scope? What information do you need? Where do you find it? Here’s a guide that contains everything you need to know. Learn how to think about the...
| Building Team| October 18, 2018
Think about your professional services firm. You have talented individuals who are highly motivated and excel in their roles. They are detail oriented and analytical. They are meticulous and take “calculated” risks; they identify problems and come...
| Building Enclosure Systems| September 18, 2018
When it comes to building design, it’s an obvious conclusion that one of the goals is to keeping the outside out. The challenge, of course, is that Mother Nature plays by her own rules, and many times the outside doesn’t stay … well, outside....
| Market Data| September 17, 2018
Not all contracts set the foundation for project success. When issues such as liability, risk allocation and disputes are not clearly defined and explained in the contract, it can lead to excess costs. Unfair contracts with poorly written clauses...
| Building Enclosure Systems| July 16, 2018
Owners and developers deploy building system solutions—including vertical transportation, HVAC and UPS—leveraging improvements in operations to gain efficiencies, savings and competitive advantages.
| Metals| July 13, 2018
| Building Technology| June 28, 2018
Traditional forecasting methods were never designed to provide robust forecasts at a micro-market level. Due to this shortcoming, predictive cost data has positioned itself to revolutionize the construction industry.
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