Taking HSS to New Heights With Shuriken

HSS have long been popular for low-rise construction thanks to the material’s excellent strength-to-weight ratio. But in mid- and high-rise construction, field-welded splices have limited HSS adoption. Fortunately, those days are over thanks to Shuriken™, which lets you make simple bolted splices with standard nuts and bolts.

Ted Goldstein, Atlas Tube

Ted Goldstein, Atlas Tube

Ted Goldstein, P.E., is the inventor of Shuriken, and is now the Shuriken business development engineer for Atlas Tube. Ted worked for eight years as a structural engineer in New York before moving to Japan in 2018. There, he was inspired to create Shuriken to reduce the cost and carbon footprint of steel construction. Ted holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering from Swarthmore College and a master’s degree in civil engineering from Johns Hopkins University.