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Bob Borson, FAIA | Feb 26, 2024

Life of an Architect Podcast Ep. 145: Delegated Design

In the architecture and construction industry, delegated design refers to the process where certain design responsibilities are transferred from architects to contractors during the construction phase. This collaboration is considered crucial in ensuring that the project progresses smoothly from design to implementation. 

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Bob Borson, FAIA | Feb 13, 2024

Life of an Architect Podcast Ep. 144: 6 Design Objects With Amazing Backstories

From a design standpoint, some things are just cooler than other things. And these things don’t need to be justified to anyone, because people either understand it or they don’t. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t an amazing story behind these objects that might contribute to their coolness in a meaningful way.

Bob Borson, FAIA | Jan 29, 2024

Life of an Architect Podcast Ep. 143: Architectural Drawings - Excessive or Essential?

In this episode of Life of an Architect, we are focusing on drawings. The question that first comes to mind is to talk about what we draw, why we draw it, who we draw it for, and why that impacts all other considerations. With all of that on the table for consideration, the real conversation is centered around how much we draw, and why the answer to that question is complicated. Welcome to episode 143: Architectural Drawings: Excessive or Essential.

Bob Borson, FAIA | Jan 15, 2024

Life of an Architect Podcast Ep. 142: When I Grow Up

Astronaut, fireman, ballerina, pilot, builder, dump truck driver – these are all things that children consider as a profession, even before they know the word “profession.” For a lot of architects (but not all), they decide they want to be an architect pretty early in their childhood development. How does that work out? What does it look like? And does it change as you move through the process? Andrew and I are going to make it personal in this episode. Welcome to EP 142: When I Grow Up.

Bob Borson, FAIA | Dec 18, 2023

Life of an Architect Podcast Ep. 141: Yearapalooza

It's December 2023, and Andrew and I find ourselves in front of the microphone for the final time until 2024. It is the annual state of the state address where we look back at all the interesting bits and pieces covered over the last 12 months while providing a sneak peak at the adventures to come in 2024. Welcome to EP 141: 2023 Yearapalooza!

Bob Borson, FAIA | Dec 11, 2023

Life of an Architect Podcast Ep. 140: Communicating Through Drawings

Architecture is a visual craft. From the end product where people move through, in and about, to the beginning as students when we spend years in school learning to use different forms of medium to help explain our ideas. Drawings have always played a role in the process of study and discussion of what we do and why we do it. Today we are going to look at the different forms of drawing and talk about when they are used and how we align these different drawing types and the messages they convey. 

Bob Borson, FAIA | Nov 27, 2023

Life of an Architect Podcast Ep. 139: 2023 Holiday Gift Guide for Architects

It’s almost that gift-giving time of the year, and if you have an architect in your life, you know that getting them a gift is potentially the most agonizing experience possible. That’s why we’re here. Now in its 14th consecutive year, welcome to Episode 139 Holiday Gift Guide for Architects 2023! 

Andrew Hawkins, AIA | Nov 13, 2023

Life of an Architect Podcast Ep. 138: Is Architecture School Broken? (Part 2)

Are students graduating from architecture school prepared for the profession? Is the educational system aligned with the workplace? What is the best software to teach students? Can we all just get along? We started this exploration of the idea that architecture school may need some modifications in Episode 137. The system needs to change to provide the skills, knowledge, and pathways for the future of the profession, but what else may need to be addressed? What does all of this mean to students, architects, and the public at large? Welcome to Episode 138: Is Architecture School Broken? 

Andrew Hawkins, AIA | Nov 1, 2023

Life of an Architect Podcast Ep. 137: Is Architecture School Broken?

Life in college for architecture students is remarkably predictable. For those of us who have been through it, as unique or different as you think your experience was, you eventually come to realize that, at their core, architecture school programs are almost fundamentally the same in their format. Is this a bad thing? Are there changes that we should be discussing? Welcome to Episode 137: Is Architecture School Broken?

Bob Borson, FAIA | Oct 17, 2023

Life of an Architect Podcast Ep. 136: Leadership vs. Management

What is the difference between leadership and management? There is definitely some overlap, but the key distinction lies in… wait, you thought I was going to tell you in the opening? It’s going to take some time to talk through those distinctions before we get there. Welcome to life of an Architect episode 136: Leadership vs. Management.

Bob Borson, FAIA | Oct 2, 2023

Life of an Architect Podcast Ep. 135: Employee Takeover

Bob Borson, FAIA, and Andrew Hawkins, AIA, discuss the potential benefits of creating an upward evaluation process for employees, where staff members can share their thoughts and opinions on what mattered to them from their managers, from their team leads, even their employers.

Bob Borson, FAIA | Sep 5, 2023

Life of an Architect Podcast Ep. 133: Ask the Show, Fall 2023

Bob Borson, FAIA, and Andrew Hawkins, AIA, answer listeners' burning questions in episode 133 of the Life of an Architect podcast.

Andrew Hawkins, AIA | Aug 21, 2023

Life of an Architect Podcast Ep. 132: Starting Architecture School, Part 2

You have made the decision where to study architecture. You’ve chosen the architecture school and your degree path. So now what? How much work is this going to be?

Andrew Hawkins, AIA | Aug 7, 2023

Life of an Architect Podcast Ep. 131: Starting Architecture School, Part 1

So you are thinking about starting architecture school or looking to study architecture. What are your options for schools? Are you just weeks away from starting your first semester of college architecture school? What’s it going to be like? How hard is it? What am I going to do? What’s with all these acronyms? Well, no matter your situation we’ve got you covered today with all the introductory info in Episode 131: Starting Architecture School Part 1.

Bob Borson, FAIA | Jul 27, 2023

Life of an Architect Podcast Ep. 130: Employee Evaluations

Performance appraisal, performance review – call them what you will, but we all know what they are. Most likely you have received them. Chances are that you might even have given one before. What sort of role do employee evaluations play? Are they helpful? Do you dread receiving yours? 

Bob Borson, FAIA | Jul 10, 2023

Life of an Architect Podcast Ep. 129: Built to last - Improving the lifespan of buildings by mitigating impact

The Pantheon, 125 A.D. The Tower of Hercules, 117 A.D. Nanchan Temple, 782 A.D. The Hagia Sofia, 537 A.D. All of these structures were built centuries ago but still stand in use today. Do modern-era buildings get created in such a way that allows for them to last for this long? Of course not. But why is that? What can we do to improve the longevity of our buildings?

Bob Borson, FAIA | Jun 26, 2023

Life of an Architect Podcast Ep. 128: Staying focused in a world of distractions

When you hear the word “focus” what comes to mind? Is it the ability to see clearly? Maybe you think of the ability to pay particular attention to the task at hand. Possibly the Ariana Grande song from 2015. Well, it’s definitely not that. What are we talking about again? Oh yeah, Welcome to EP 128: Focus.

Bob Borson, FAIA | Jun 12, 2023

Life of an Architect Podcast Ep. 127: Context and Design

The architectural theory of contextual architecture—often referred to as “contextualism”—asserts that built items should be in response to the literal and abstract components in the environment in which it is built. In 1988, Architect Philip Johnson and Mark Wigley denounced this philosophy, stating “contextualism has been used as an excuse for mediocrity, for a dumb servility to the familiar”, whereas Rem Koolhaas was more to the point and simply said, “F*!k context”.  Sound exciting? Welcome to episode 127: Context and Design.

Bob Borson, FAIA | May 29, 2023

Life of an Architect Podcast Ep. 126: Architectural Bucket List

It has been a long time since a bucket list was brought up on this show, but today’s the day. Almost four years to the day and 100 episodes later, Andrew and I are going to go through an architectural bucket list of people, places, and things. I don’t know what Andrew has in mind, but I’m feeling that my list will inspire you and change your life--or at the very least, get you to go look something up on the Internet. Welcome to episode 126: Architectural Bucket List Take 2. 

Andrew Hawkins, AIA | Apr 17, 2023

Life of an Architect Podcast Ep. 123: Interviews Just Aren’t that Hard

You’re about to graduate from architecture school, or maybe you already have a job, and you’re just simply looking for a change. Going through the interviews in an architecture firm is just part of a sequence of activities toward getting a new job. There are some things that are worth knowing before you step into the room. Welcome to Life of an Architect Episode 123: Interviews Just Aren’t that Hard. 

Andrew Hawkins, AIA | Apr 3, 2023

Life of an Architect Podcast Ep. 122: Architecture and Artificial Intelligence

Even though artificial intelligence can conceptually trace its roots back to the 1950s, the reality is AI and machine learning went mainstream not too long ago. As recently as November 2022, anyone with a computer and Internet access can dip their toes in the AI waters for not much more than the time needed to understand how to make it work. Unless you’ve had your head in the sand, you probably know this is a big deal. But what does this mean to the profession of architecture? Are we all going to be replaced? Are there any ethical considerations that we should start thinking about? Welcome to Life of an Architect episode 122: Architecture and Artificial Intelligence