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Win-Win Scenarios for Residents and Property Managers

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The Key To Multifamily Access Control — Consistent Resident Experiences

Explore the challenges of multifamily access control and discover the key to consistent user experiences with a resident-first approach and open platforms.

Preston Grutzmacher, SALTO Systems

Preston Grutzmacher, SALTO Systems
Industry Solutions Leader – Multifamily & Residential
SALTO Systems

Preston Grutzmacher leads SALTO Systems’ multifamily and residential solutions business practice. His focus is on aligning SALTO’s innovative access control technology and hardware with the evolving needs of North American residential real estate markets.

Preston is a multifamily expert who is passionate about creating more effective, efficient and profitable access control solutions for owners, operators and developers. Together with SALTO, he is on a mission to bring new technologies and products to market that keep people and property safe while enhancing the resident experience.