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No other building material brings together daylight, transparency and style the way that glass can. Fortunately, today’s architects can benefit from advanced technology that enables glass to perform other functions such as protect against fire, blast, hurricane, ballistic, UV or harness energy from sun. This blog will tackle the latest issues in glass performance, technology and design, as well as create an environment for communication and dialogue among members of the building community. It will also provide the latest code updates, as well as profile case studies that show high-performance glazing in action.
Fire-Rated Products | Bill O'Keeffe | Aug 9, 2018

Do you know where your fire rated glass comes from?

In the last decade or so, American consumers have demanded more transparency when it comes to the…
Glass and Glazing | Bill O'Keeffe | Jun 12, 2018

Fire rated glass takes a big bite at the Big Apple

Every year, our company looks forward to participating in the AIA National Convention for many…
Fire-Rated Products | Bill O'Keeffe | Apr 10, 2018

Deluge Sprinklers are not as affordable as you think - especially when it compromises safety

A couple of weeks ago, we saw an article published by TYCO, a sprinkler manufacturer, pushing for…
Fire-Rated Products | Bill O'Keeffe | Jan 23, 2018

Code change proposals aim to close more loopholes on uncontrolled radiant heat transmission

Since 2004, SAFTI FIRST has been writing articles aimed to educate building officials, designers,…
Security/Fire Protection | Bill O'Keeffe | Dec 18, 2017

Peace, goodwill and rebuilding in 2018

A reflection on 2017 and a look at what's to come in the new year.

Fire-Rated Products | Bill O'Keeffe | Oct 25, 2017

UL-Listed does not mean code-approved

To avoid confusion, we are proposing separate charts for fire protective and fire resistive products.

Fire-Rated Products | Bill O'Keeffe | Jul 19, 2017

London fire shines spotlight on fire prevention, protection and education

As shocking as the Grenfell Tower fire was, it is not an isolated incident.

Fire-Rated Products | Bill O'Keeffe | Jun 13, 2017

Hidden risks and costs of using sprinklers as an alternate to 1-2 hour fire resistive glazing

The ASTM E-119 test is the most stringent and most difficult test to pass for all fire rated glazing assemblies.

Fire-Rated Products | Bill O'Keeffe | Mar 22, 2017

Fire resistive glazing systems provide architects, owners and envelope consultants assurance of documented performance

It may look like a regular window, but these advanced fire resistive glazing systems are recognized in the code as transparent walls because of its ability to block smoke, flames and significantly limit the passage of dangerous radiant heat.

Glass and Glazing | Bill O'Keeffe | Jan 3, 2017

What’s in a name? A lot, actually

Our mission is to produce appealing architectural products that protect people while providing our customers with expert information, economical solutions, and unlimited inspiration.

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