Image: Jasper Sanidad.

Restroom access affects everyone: people with medical needs or disabilities, caretakers, transgender people, parents...
CallisonRTKL blog
CRTKL’s Maren Striker examines Europe’s desire to build upward.
Pediatric experience design must evolve beyond the common mantra of “make it fun” or “make it look kid-friendly.”
GS&P Dialogue
The retail sector is charting unfamiliar territory as web sales and evolving tastes force a paradigm shift. In our...
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GPX Hurricane with FL Product Approval was used in the new VA Medical Center in Orlando, FL.  Architect: RLF Architects.  Glazier: Harmon Inc. Photo Credit:  SAFTI FIRST

Bill O'Keeffe
It may look like a regular window, but these advanced fire resistive glazing systems are recognized in the code as...
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Jeff Alexander
These roofs allow a significant reduction in operation and maintenance costs for commercial and industrial projects.

Branding a library can take on significant importance as these spaces shift from providing more traditional services.

Perkins+Will’s Ideas + Buildings
Libraries fulfill a new vision—community kitchens for experimentation with new ideas, problem solving and...
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Sasha Reed
Who is succeeding, and on what terms? And what will it take for everyone to experience the benefits of that success?
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Jeff Alexander
By design, insulated metal wall panels help reduce energy and maintenance costs over time.

Cherry Crest Elementary School, Bellevue, Wash. Photo: NAC Architecture

NACLab Blog
The art of designing schools lies not in just understanding what makes a functional classroom, but in how successful we...
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