Open-plan offices in the age of COVID-19

Open-plan set-ups like this are common in about 70% of U.S. office workplaces. Photo courtesy Pexels



Rob Cassidy
COVID-19 has designers worrying if open-plan offices are safe for workers.
GBBN Insights GBBN Insights
Overcoming isolation isn’t just about the technological face to face, it is about finding meaningful connection and “...
Gensler Blog
We believe that part of the longer-term answer lies not just with traditional health providers, but in the potential...
Stantec Blog
What can we learn from Singapore’s response to COVID-19? How does it impact the next generation of hospitals? 

Courtesy Pixabay

NBBJ’s nbbX blog
While student dormitories are well-suited to certain alternate healthcare uses — from housing clinical staff to...
RENTcafe survey of 6,000 renters March 2020

RENTCafe surveyed 6,000 renters to learn their rental plans in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Source: RENTCafe

Rob Cassidy
Overview of impact of COVID-19 on construction, especially multifamily sector.
Cannon Design Blog
As laboratory designers, we want to shed light on a subset of our population critical to protecting us from, and...
HGA Insights Blog HGA Insights Blog
Technology can help bridge the gap during the Coronavirus pandemic as higher education institutes and corporations...
Gensler Blog
The question for higher education is, what will the university of the future look like?
A tree grows in Stanford: CIFE, VDC, and where it all began - VIATechnik blog

The Engineering Quad at Stanford University, Stanford, CA. Photo by: Danielle Dy Buncio, VIATechnik


VIATechnik blog
As our industry adopts VDC as standard practice, it is important to remember where these ideas began and continue to...
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