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Metals | Star Building Systems | Aug 6, 2018

The state of the art in livestock housing

Metal buildings are proving to be a smart solution for livestock housing.

Building Materials | Star Building Systems | Aug 1, 2018

Building for now... and the future

Metal building systems are often selected for large-sized structures, and with good reason.

Energy Efficiency | Star Building Systems | Jul 2, 2018

Going solar has never been easier

There is an efficient system for mounting solar panels to roofs and turning roof real estate into raw power.

Star Building Systems | Mar 14, 2018

Getting there may be costing you more

Commercial transportation is getting more expensive, and it’s driving up the price of steel.  

Insulation | Bob Zabcik | Feb 19, 2018

Spray and board foam plastic insulation: A primer for metal building suppliers

There is little doubt that the use of foam plastic insulation in metal building exterior roof and wall assemblies is on the rise. 

Star Building Systems | Jan 24, 2018

Daylighting for productivity and savings

Studies have shown that daylight in the workplace increases productivity and general employee health, with probable impacts in reducing sick time and improving employee retention.

Doug Clark | Jan 15, 2018

Why architects and engineers like metal building systems

The combination of design flexibility and high value-to-cost enable design professionals to provide their clients with cost-effective solutions for their practical and aesthetic requirements.

Bill Beals | Dec 28, 2017

IECC 2015 and ASHRAE 90.1-2013: Metal building envelope updates you need to know

The latest code cycle requires higher insulation values and an air barrier in the thermal envelope.

Cary Barger | Dec 20, 2017

Last call for annual maintenance

Metal building systems have great longevity… if properly maintained.

Allen Hurtz | Dec 14, 2017

International Building Code - A review of updates from 2000 to present

Allen Hurtz, P.E., Director of Engineering for Star Building Systems, reviews building code updates…