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Steven Burns
An oven-overlooked factor in assessing the success of a leader, according to organizational development consultant...

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GS&P Dialogue
In spite of the trend away from multi-car residences, not much has changed with regard to parking spot allocations...

Image: Sasaki Associates

Sasaki Ideas
Nearly 32 million people, or 28% of the East Coast's population, live in areas lying within a mile of a shore line. The...

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Life at HOK
As part of our ongoing studies of how building design influences human behavior in today’s social media-driven world,...
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Metal roof and wall panels provide strong wind resistance

Photo: Detlfef Schobert/Flickr

Ken Buchinger
In areas that experience strong winds, metal roof and wall panels provide a sturdy, well-tested option for building...

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GS&P Dialogue
It's happening at community hospitals all over America: leadership teams are looking for ways to maintain margins by...

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Constructive Thinking Blog
In this new partnership, LEED will benefit from the materials expertise of ACC and its member companies. We believe...

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Rob Cassidy
Architecture, engineering, and (presumably) construction firms will face difficulties with management succession, as...
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Metal roofs offer energy-efficiency, durability, and recyclability
Ken Buchinger
Metal roofing material is known for its durability, but it also offers two other sustainable attributes that are...

Qianhai Development - Goettsch Partners, August 2014

Rob Cassidy
U.S. architecture and engineering firms like Goettsch Partners have been enjoying full employment in China. But will...
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