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IMEG Corp. | Aug 1, 2022

Achieving a net-zero K-12 facility is a team effort

Designing a net-zero energy building is always a challenge, but renovating an existing school and applying for grants to make the project happen is another challenge entirely.

IMEG Corp. | Apr 19, 2022

6 trends to watch in healthcare design

As the healthcare landscape continues to evolve, IMEGā€™s healthcare leaders from across the country are seeing several emerging trends that are poised to have wide-ranging impacts on facility design and construction. Following are six of the trends and strategies they expect to become more commonplace in 2022 and the years to come.Ā 

IMEG Corp. | Feb 18, 2022

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design: Comprehensive strategies to keep people and buildings safe

CPTED is so much more than surface-level protection; it encompasses multiple phases of design, social programs, colors, lighting, natural surveillance, natural access control, and even traffic curbing.

IMEG Corp. | Feb 1, 2022

Sustainable design solutions will power EV charging stations

As the EV market share has been recognized, MEP firms have been tasked with the responsibility of an entirely new design: charging stations.

IMEG Corp. | Nov 15, 2021

How to protect cannabis grow facilities from catastrophic power failure

Weather, forest fires, other natural events,Ā and human errorĀ allĀ can lead to losses of power.

IMEG Corp. | Nov 2, 2021

Key design considerations for designing the smart patient room

The complete patient experience encompasses the journey to the hospital, the care experience, and the trip back home. All these touchpoints come with an expectation.

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