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Sasha Reed
How does DPR strike a balance between standardization and innovation? In today’s Digital COM video Blog, Sasha Reed...
None of the hundreds of existing green building rating systems is perfect. Some of them are too documentation-heavy....
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Fire resistance of metal cladding is an asset in wildfire-prone areas
Ken Buchinger
Construction projects in fire-prone areas need to take wildfire danger into account, and metal panels provide some fire...
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Steven Burns
Asking the right questions can help business leaders to anticipate changes, seize opportunities and move their firms in...

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Steven Burns
An oven-overlooked factor in assessing the success of a leader, according to organizational development consultant...

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GS&P Dialogue
In spite of the trend away from multi-car residences, not much has changed with regard to parking spot allocations...

Image: Sasaki Associates

Sasaki Ideas
Nearly 32 million people, or 28% of the East Coast's population, live in areas lying within a mile of a shore line. The...

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Life at HOK
As part of our ongoing studies of how building design influences human behavior in today’s social media-driven world,...
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Metal roof and wall panels provide strong wind resistance

Photo: Detlfef Schobert/Flickr

Ken Buchinger
In areas that experience strong winds, metal roof and wall panels provide a sturdy, well-tested option for building...

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GS&P Dialogue
It's happening at community hospitals all over America: leadership teams are looking for ways to maintain margins by...
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