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The metal and glass S.R. Crown Hall of the Illinois Institute of Technology built in 1956, designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. Photo: Joe Ravi/Wikimedia Commons CC-BY-SA 3.0

Gabe Savely
A new report by the Metal Building Manufacturer's Association explains the entity's efforts in refining and extending...
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The Eagle Ford Shale is located in South Texas and is currently the most active shale play in the world. Photo courtesy of Williams Scotsman.

Williams Scotsman
Like many other energy hotbends throughout the continent, demand for modular structures isn't decreasing with oil...
Chance encounters in workplace design: The winning ticket to the innovation lottery?

Illustration: © Macaulay Campbell

The logic behind the push to cultivate chance encounters supposes that innovation is akin to a lottery. But do chance...
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How do the new Energy Star standards impact coatings?

All coatings will soon need to be tested in three weathering farm locations: Florida (hot and humid), Arizona (hot and dry) and the Midwest (cold and temperate).

Jeff Alexander
The Energy Star 3.0 Roof Product Specs and Test Methods is changing its standards, and all coating manufacturers are...
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How to give feedback effectively

If initial feedback doesn’t resonate, effective leaders also know how to turn up the pressure in a way that is progressive, but not too sharp.

Steven Burns
A great feedback-giving leader evaluates the individual
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Modular construction brings affordable housing to many New Yorkers

Lower Manhattan viewed from Brooklyn. Photo: Vik Waters/Wikimedia Commons

Williams Scotsman
After city officials waived certain zoning and density regulations, modular microunits smaller than 400 square feet are...
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The Great Debate: Is 3D PDF really BIM?
Sasha Reed
You can pull apart buildings, cut through floors, and view simulated animation for assembly instructions all within a...
The High Line effect: Placemaking as an economic development engine

Eight years into the transformation of an elevated section of New York Central Railroad’s West Side Line into a public park, the $273 million project is being hailed as a resounding win for the city. Photo: Beyond My Ken via Wikimedia Commons

David Barista
As big money and eager tourists flock to Chelsea, cities across the globe are starting to take notice. Chicago, Los...
Are you ready for high-rise hospitals?

Illustration: Douglas King, VOA

Stantec Blog
The vertical hospital environment may be the wave of the future, but it is not without its design challenges.
Using active design to help strengthen the corporate workplace and enhance employee wellness

Lentz Public Health Center, Nashville, Tenn. Photo: GS&P 

GS&P Dialogue
The new Lentz Public Health Center in Nashville, Tenn., serves as a model of how those progressive and healthy changes...
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