The Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute at the University of Utah combines student residence space with 20,000 sf of incubator space, where students can develop ideas and potential launch companies. Rendering: CannonDesign

Cannon Design Blog
Performance-based funding models and the adoption of advanced technologies like augmented reality for teaching are just...

Illustration: Stuart Miles via

Steven Burns
Though strategic planning has helped many businesses move forward, its time has passed. So says Economist and Author...
Constructive Thinking Blog
In honor of Safety Week, Skanska put together this nifty infographic on how to prevent deadly harm in construction. 
Sasha Reed
Key question from BIM Forum: How do you leverage technology by finding trade partners that are up to speed?

Unsafe wired glass application. This was later replaced with clear fire and CPSC Category II safety rated glazing to prevent injuries. Photo: SAFTI FIRST

Bill O'Keeffe
In the story, a high school student pushed open a hallway door glazed with wired glass. His arm not only broke the...

Image: courtesy BQE Software

Steven Burns
Managing a team of people, especially creative people, is a task that not everyone is up for. Keeping your team on the...

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David Barista
The newest generation to enter the workforce is like no other that has come before it. This cohort is the first to grow...

Image: courtesy Star Building Systems

Bob Zabcik
There are many examples of materials developed for the space program making their way into everyday life and radiant...
Bill O'Keeffe
Code confusion has led to misapplications of fire rated glass and framing, which can have dangerous and/or expensive...

Illustration: Star Building Systems

Stacy Milford
In 1997, Apple told us to “Think Different.” So we did. We thought about what could happen if the world went mobile, if...
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