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1-hour fire resistive wall with SuperLite II-XL 60 in GPX Framing. Architect: GSBS. Glazier: LCG Facades

Bill O'Keeffe
One of the most exciting new buildings to open its doors this year is the Salt Lake City Public Safety Building Salt...

Almost 90% of all retail sales are transacted in stores, and 95% of all retail sales are captured by retailers with a brick-and-mortar presence. Photo: Gensler

According to a shopping preferences study conducted by A.T. Kearney, as many as two-thirds of shoppers go to a physical...

American Standard's SaTo sanitary toilet pans (shown here installed in a latrine in Haiti) seal off pit latrines from flies to prevent the spread of pathogens.

Rob Cassidy
When we see the incredible technology being produced by global plumbing manufacturers, it’s hard to conceive why no...
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Photo: Omar Chatriwala via Wikimedia Commons

John Negich
A new 2015 construction outlook report predicts that total U.S. construction starts for 2015 will rise 9% to $612...
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Photo: APAThe Engineered Wood Association

Karyn Beebe
As wood-frame construction is continuously evolving, designers in many parts of the U.S. are optimizing design...
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Photos: Williams Scotsman

Williams Scotsman
To meet the demands of the booming energy business, Williston needs to provide homes, recreation centers, restaurants,...

Phase one of UC Merceds construction comprises 700,000 sf of new buildings on 103 acres surrounded by a nature preserve the university set aside when it bought the land. Photo: Hans Marsen

Constructive Thinking Blog
Minimizing lifecycle costs and transferring risk to the private sector are among the benefits to applying the P3...

Illustration: Douglas Wittnebel

Most people affiliate the maker culture with metal working, welding, ceramics, glass blowing, painting, and soldering....
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Photo: mapichai via

Steven Burns
A recent study published in the journal Psychological Science revealed that employees were 26% more satisfied in their...
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Haughton Middle School, Aaughton, La. Photo:

Jeff Alexander
A beautiful coating on metal products can make a strong statement, whether used on a high-end commercial project or an...
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