Government Buildings

The halls of lawmakers, judges, and politicians demand a mix of functionality and awe-inspiring design. For an oasis of productivity on behalf of your nation’s people within the government’s budget, thinking outside the box is a requirement.
July 07, 2009 |

A ranking of the Top 100 Institutional Design Firms based on Building Design+Construction's 2009...

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July 01, 2009 |

The U.S. General Services Administration today is commemorating its 60th anniversary as it engage...

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June 09, 2009 |

The International Facility Management Association has released “Operations and Maintenance Benchm...

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BD+C Staff

Four high-rise buildings from multiple continents have been selected as the best of their region....

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The 8,500-sf Jackson Sustainable Winery Building at the University of California
Julie S. Higginbotham, Senior Editor

Some science-design experts once believed high levels of sustainability would be possible only fo...

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More severe wind storms should prompt nationwide reexamination of building codes

The increased number and severity of storms with high winds nationally should prompt a reexaminat...

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SAIC, McLean, Va. (2011 construction revenues: $185,390,000), said it plans to cut its workforce...

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Migratory birds were flying into the windows and falling, dead or injured, to the foot of the LEE...

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