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Top building products for February 2024

Products and Materials

Top building products for February 2024

DELTA-TERRAXX drainboard system, KS Vektra insulated metal wall panels, and Sungate ThermL glass are some of the top building products featured this month.

By BD+C Staff | February 29, 2024
Top 15 building products for February 2024
Top 15 building products for February 2024

Building Design+Construction editors bring you the top building products for the month of February. Collected across a variety of building sectors, these products save space, shield from the sun, and enhance energy efficiency.

From Twisted Sunshades to e-bike racks, here are 15 products being used in the industry today.

February 2024 Top 15 Building Products


KS Vektra insulated metal wall panels

by Kingspan Insulated Panels – North America

KS Vektra insulated metal wall panel
Photo courtesy Kingspan

The KS Vektra insulated metal wall panels deliver a unique aesthetic profile and can integrate with other QuadCore KS Series panels to further provide distinct architectural flair along with high thermal performance. Available in thicknesses that range frm 2-6 inches to meet performance needs—the KS range of interior panels are available up to 8 inches thick—the metal wall panels can be customized with trimless ends and pre-formed corners for a clean, finished appearance. Both ranges of panels are suitable for commercial and industrial applications and are Greenguard Gold Certified.

DELTA-TERRAXX drainboard system

by Dörken Systems Inc.

DELTA-TERRAXX drainboard system
Photo courtesy Dörken Systems Inc.

To meet higher building code requirements and urban water management standards with a high-performance option, DELTA-TERRAXX and DELTA-TERRAXX PLUS are being introduced in North America. These drainboard systems for horizontal, vertical and blindside drainage requirements balance strength, drainage performance, handling and installation ease. Comprising a unique TYPAR geotextile bonded to a dimple sheet, this drainboard technology withstands heavy structural loads, backfill or soil overburden, meaning the drainage space won’t clog and its drainage capacity remains steady. DELTA-TERRAXX PLUS has a self-adhering edge tab to make installation fast yet consistent, while DELTA-TERRAXX products are easy to cut and detail while their size covers large spaces faster with less ballast.

Millboard Envello DĂ©cor line

by Millboard

Gold metallic band between vertical siding boards
Photo courtesy Millboard

Designed to enhance siding installations, the Millboard Envello DĂ©cor line fits into the groove of the Envello Shadow Line+ Millboard siding, adding a metallic band between each vertical siding board. While these metallic accents deliver the appearance of sophistication and luxury, the cladding/siding trim is impact, weather and moisture resistant with UV stability. This decorative and structural aluminum trim is hand moulded, colored and finished in bronze, carbon or gold by master craftsmen. DĂ©cor Curve and DĂ©cor Shutter styles are each available in two sizes options.

Tofino E-Rack

by Sportworks Global

Tofino E-Rack with bike
Photo courtesy Sportworks

The Tofino E-Rack is specifically designed for parking e-bikes and e-scooters with safety and security in mind and two integrated charging outlets. In addition to the company’s No Scratch bumper, the horizontal rack is compatible with U-locks to secure both the wheel and frame of a bicycle, making it compliant with APBP standards to prevent theft, while the rectangular cross-section is vandal-resistant. The ergonomically placed, UL-listed electrical outlets keep charging cables close to bicycles, which supports organized parking. A conduit fitting is included and easy access to grounding means the rack can be connected after being installed and secured. Available in a variety of materials and finishes, the bike parking rack can be installed in any indoor or covered exterior areas, and an ADA-compliant version features a cane-detectable cross bar.

Twisted Sunshades

by Construction Specialties

Savannah College of Art and Design's FORTY FIVE
Savannah College of Art and Design's FORTY FIVE  | Atlanta, Ga. | Education
Courtesy Construction Specialties

On the grounds of the Savannah College of Art and Design nestled within Midtown Atlanta, the FORTY FIVE combines residential, academic and wellness facilities into one complex that has a presence on the street, and the Twisted Sunshades aid in capturing the essence of the complex’s creative spirit. Functionally, the sunshades reduce glare and allow a filtered light ambiance within the building, while aesthetically the shading system creates a unique façade design with the illusion of movement. The Twisted Sunshade system is a metal extrusion with a consistent twist throughout its length that can be mounted starting at varying angles. Its two blade types—12-inch airfoil blades with a maximum twist rate of 5.625 degrees per foot or 2- by 12-inch rectangular tude blades with a maximum twist rate of 4.375 degrees per foot—can cater to different design needs.

Elvari Washroom Accessories Collection

by Bradley Company

 Elvari Washroom Accessories Collection
Photo courtesy Bradley Company

A complete suite of stainless steel accessories, the Elvari Washroom Accessories Collection is designed to unify and elevate design in any commercial washroom space. With over 650 individual products, the collection delivers a cohesive yet sophisticated aesthetic while its maintenance-enhancing technology makes it an asset to facility management, with easy-to-read refill indicators; BradLock, a magnetic locking system; Wall Saver anti-slam operation; and more spanning the product offerings. Models come in many sizes, capacities and mounting styles to suit the needs of any restroom, and the minimalist design and palette of modern finishes can coordinate with other product lines and finishes.

LIGHTWALL 3440 system

by EXTECH/Exterior Technologies, Inc.

Buffalo, N.Y. convention center
Buffalo Convention Center | Buffalo, N.Y. | 27,000 sf
Photo courtesy EXTECH

The recent renovation of a convention center has turned it into a community landmark due to its new exterior LED-lit façade featuring a custom engineered and installed LIGHTWALL 3440 system. The polycarbonate, translucent wall system can be backlit to produce various lighting, graphic or other aesthetic effects—all with a lantern-like glow and no glare. This signature façade features an interlocking 40-mm thick polycarbonate design that is durable and UV protected to maintain its color, while its insulated frame reduces heat loss, boosts energy efficiency and has a clear finish. During the design phase, the manufacturer worked with the project architect and construction consultant to ensure the custom system would integrate with the building face and install seamlessly. 

Sungate ThermL glass

by Vitro Architectural Glass

Solarban® 70 glass on the UC San Diego Torrey Pines Living & Learning Community
UC San Diego Torrey Pines Living & Learning Community
Photo © Tom Harris, courtesy Vitro Architectural Glass

When paired with a Solarban solar control low-E glass on the second surface, the Sungate ThermL glass reduces heat transfer and dramatically improves U-values. This low-E coating is engineered for use on the interior surface of a typical 1-inch insulating glass unit to give the same look and feel as uncoated glass while maintaining high visible light transmittance. Ideal wherever increased insulation performance is needed, the low-E coating has a low reflective aesthetic and is colorless as well as durable and resistant to mechanical abrasion as uncoated glass.

Pergola Stretch retractable awning

by markilux

Pergola Stretch awning
Photo courtesy markilux

Featuring an innovative, space-saving design, the Pergola Stretch provides a retractable pergola solution for protection of large spaces against sun and weather. Integrating seamlessly into any architectural structure, the retractable pergola is UV and water resistant, withstands winds up to 30 mph, and incorporates a flame-retardant fabric. Its motorized folding technique is both rhythmic and efficient, and an integrated gutter and columns at a low slope of 5 degrees ensure safe water drainage. Additional accessories can be paired with the pergola system, such as LED lighting, infrared heaters and privacy screens.

3form 2024 Color Collection of translucent materials

by 3form

3form 2024 Color Collection features 13 new colors that are applicable on its Varia, Chroma and Glass platforms.
Photo courtesy 3form

Drawing from sleek, modern architecture and cozy, familiar spaces alike, the 3form 2024 Color Collection features 13 new colors that are applicable on its Varia, Chroma and Glass platforms. The wide-ranging, natural-toned palette serves as a blank canvas for accompanying design elements, and the variations of color play with light and translucency. Suitable for use in healthcare, hospitality, retail or commercial spaces, the collection provides a wide range of possibilities for creative expression. The 2024 Color Collection includes: Curry, Clay, Nectar, Rockport, Wren, Rebar, Palladian, Mercury, Skylight, Sedona, Espresso, Teak and Chartreuse.

Aquarium glass bridge with Track Rail system

by Sightline Commercial Solutions

Glass bridge in aquarium
Audubon Aquarium | New Orleans, La. | Museum
Photo © Chris Granger, courtesy Sightline Commercial Solutions

To help highlight the more than 250 species of marine life found within, the Audubon Aquarium sought to add an element of excitement and novelty for its visitors with the installation of a custom engineered glass bridge by Sightline Commercial Solutions. Offering guests the ability to experience exhibits from various perspectives and angles as they traverse the aquarium, the 735-sf glass bridge is made of triple laminated frosted glass panels for a modern look and enhanced durability. Another optimized viewing experience comes in the form of 256 linear feet of custom designed glass Track Rail along staircases, overlooks and marine exhibits, which also enhances safety.

Rmax Below Grade

by Rmax, a division of Sika Corporation

Rmax Below Grade
Photo courtesy Rmax

Rmax Below Grade incorporates a durable water-resistant facer onto the closed-cell foam core to ensure an optimal solution for below-grade applications.The insulation solution meets the R-10 code requirements of below-grade commercial and residential foundations in most markets with only 1.5 inches of polyiso insulation, which enhances the energy efficiency of buildings by effectively insulating against heat transfer. Compared to other below-grade insulation options, this polyiso insulation requires 25% less material and less floor space per sf of inventory.

StoPanel metal wall panels

by Dri-Design, A Kingspan Group Company

Canopy by Hilton Tempe Downtown
Canopy by Hilton Tempe Downtown | Tempe, Ariz. | Hotel
Photo courtesy Dri-Design

Located across the street from Arizona State University, the project architects for a hotel sought to incorporate school pride into the building’s façade within a tight schedule and while surrounded by existing buildings, which was achieved with StoPanel Classic NExT ci and StoPanel Dri-Design metal wall panels. Turning a standardized system into anything but standard, notes of the school’s fight song are expressed in a specific design layout and with 11 different colors of the metal wall panel façade for the project. The panels are part of a partnership between Dri-Design and StoPanel TEchnology to create a non-composite, pressure-equalized rainscreen, architectural metal wall system.

Crossvile Beljn porcelain tile collection

by Crossville by AHF Products

Crossvile Beljn porcelain
Photo courtesy Crossville

Handcrafted in the U.S. and part of the company’s carbon neutral collections, the Crossvile Beljn porcelain tile collection is inspired by Belgium limestone but modernized with a decidedly contemporary color and sizing. With five hues that range from light to dark and two finish options, the porcelain tile collection ranges in size from 12- by 24-inches up to 24- by 48-inches, making it suitable for a range of indoor and outdoor applications. Because porcelain is nonporous, it will not fade, stain, harbor bacteria and mold, need to be sealed and is UV resistant. This collection joins the company’s in-stock program for quick fulfillment.

Omniplate 1500 barrier wall system

by Metalwërks

Armed Forces Retirement Home
Armed Forces Retirement Home | Washington, D.C. | 19,200 sf | Government
Photo courtesy Metalwërks

To continue in its mission to serve aging veterans with health care needs, a new 160,000-sf campus facility was built to include rooms for long-term care, memory support, and feature amenities like a commercial kitchen, health center, dining room and more. As part of the facility’s planning and development, the design team, general contractor and architect set and achieved LEED Platinum certification as a core aim, and the use of Omniplate 1500 as the project cladding contributed to that achievement. In addition to its customizability in shape, relief and orientation, the panels are 100% recyclable with a high percentage of post-consumer and industrial content. The metal panel system—provided in solid 0.125-inch aluminum plate—received a Sherwin-Williams Fluropon coating after the fabrication process. Vertical reveal column covers, Tubular Trellis members, and curved and straight canopy fascia, soffit and cornice cladding from the manufacturer were also utilized for the project. 


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The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) plans to revise its criteria for faucets and faucet accessories to earn the WaterSense label. The specification launched in 2007; since then, most faucets now sold in the U.S. meet or exceed the current WaterSense maximum flow rate of 1.5 gallons per minute (gpm). 

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