Shenzhen’s newest supertall tower has topped out

The 350-meter-high building was designed by Morphosis and will provide over 2 million sf of office and retail space.

December 15, 2016 |

Rendering courtesy of Morphosis

At just under 1,150 feet tall, the recently topped out skyscraper in Shenzhen will become the tallest steel building in China, according to Morphosis, the project’s architect.

As Dezeen reports, once completed, Hanking Center Tower will house offices, shops, and restaurants and, on every fifth floor, gardens and lobbies will create common areas for tenants.

The tower’s main body and circulation core will be set nine meters apart and linked via sky bridges and diagonal braces. Two additional detached cores will offer structural support and provide private elevators for VIPs and goods. Morphosis also claims, in addition to being the tallest steel building in China, Hanking Center Tower will become the tallest building in the world with a detached core.

Morphosis says the purpose behind the detached core is to provide tenants with a more flexible layout to produce healthier workspaces with bountiful natural light and airflow. The slim tower will have a base comprised of a faceted podium surrounded by a plaza.

Hanking Center Tower has a 2018 completion date.


Rendering courtesy of Morphosis


Rendering courtesy of Morphosis

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