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Metals | Jenny Arrowood | Jul 30, 2015

Two loads you must understand before requesting an estimate

The SBS Mezzanine inputs act as a tool to pass along complete and necessary information to your…
Metals | Barbara Shirley | Jun 30, 2015

Understanding heat energy

Thermal convection occurs when hot molecules move from one location to another.

Coatings | Jeff Alexander | Jun 15, 2015

What’s in a coating, and why does it matter?

When the sun starts swinging punches at your building's coating, chalking and fading will start. But there's a way to prevent it.

Metals | Allen Hurtz | Jun 4, 2015

How big of a building do I need?

Here is some advice on how metal buildings can be a solution for space shortages

Metals | Bray Allen | May 18, 2015

Six questions to ask before purchasing a door

A set of six questions to help you confidently purchase the right door.

Metals | Dave Rutherford | May 11, 2015

How to get the most out of a metal roof

‘Low-maintenance’ is not the same thing as ‘no maintenance.’

Metals | Bryan Arlington | Apr 24, 2015

Are metal roofs lightning magnets?

According to The Metal Construction Assocition, a metal roof will not make lightning more likely to strike, but it may make a lightning strike less dangerous if it occurs. That’s right, less dangerous, not more.

Metals | Allen Hurtz | Apr 3, 2015

The inherent sustainability of steel

The steel in a metal building system may contribute to points for Recycled Content under the USGBC’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) system.

Metals | Jim Place | Mar 16, 2015

Top FAQs for Metal Building Insulation

Here are some of the most important issues for keeping fiberglass insulation working at its maximum.

Metals | Gabe Savely | Mar 10, 2015

Metal Building Systems: A Rising Star in the Market

A new report by the Metal Building Manufacturer's Association explains the entity's efforts in refining and extending metal building systems as a construction choice.