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Get Inspired: Color and Coatings

Colors are a universal language that everyone understands, engaging both hearts and minds. In Sherwin-Williams Coil Coatings (formerly Valspar) Get Inspired: Color and Coatings blog, our color engineers explore the latest trends, technologies, and projects in the high-performance architectural coating industry. 

The color library enables architects to gain an accurate project snapshot, complete with coatings.

Coatings | September 14, 2015 | Jeff Alexander

Valspar's Fluropon material library for Autodesk Revit allows architects to easily preview color selections on their building models

Casinos | August 25, 2015 | Jeff Alexander

The eye-catching façade is a tribute to the area's rich oil history.

Bring a project to life with color
Coatings | August 20, 2015 | Jeff Alexander

The use of color in a building can influence the desired response.

Mosaic of desert tones converges on ASU Campus
August 17, 2015 | Jeff Alexander

The campus building serves as a striking addition to downtown Phoenix

Coatings | August 06, 2015 | Jeff Alexander

Special care must be taken to formulate coatings to ensure performance, even in the most demanding environments.

Clearing up myths about PVDF coatings

Photo courtesy of Timothy Hursely.

Coatings | August 03, 2015 | Jeff Alexander

While all PVDF coatings contain the same resins, the remaining 30% of the binders and pigmentation vary by manufacturer.

Fluropon celebrates 50 years of excellence

The JW Marriott in Austin, Texas, uses the Fluropon coating system.

Coatings | July 20, 2015 | Jeff Alexander

Introduced in 1965, the coating system was designed for excellent color retention and resistance to fading.

Charlotte’s Mosaic Village merges jazz and architecture

They exterior was coated with Valspar's 70% PVDF Fluropon coating in Cool Breakwater Blue and Silversmith. Photos courtesy of Valspar.

Higher Education | July 14, 2015 | Jeff Alexander

The 124,000-sf mixed-use project contains 80 apartments, accommodating 300 students with numerous amenities

Bright green coating helps Geometrica domes withstand harsh Andean climate
June 22, 2015 | Jeff Alexander

The vibrant color was selected to allow the domes to stand out, even with significant snow cover in the Andean Mountains.

Metal building products deliver endless design freedom and sustainability

Innovative solar reflective coatings cut building cooling costs when applied to wall panels, roofs, and extrusions. 

Coatings | June 16, 2015 | Jeff Alexander

Numerous metal building products contain recycled content, reducing the need to mine new materials and saving space in landfills

Unwrapping ‘the mummy’: Chicago hotel project comes to life

The sleek architectural panels and Valspar coating give the building a steely sheen.

Hotel Facilities | June 05, 2015 | Jeff Alexander

The sleek architectural panels and Valspar coating give the building a steely sheen.

Detroit transforms abandoned casino into modern public safety headquarters

In addition to redefining the exterior, the panels provide a vapor barrier, insulation, and an air barrier.

Coatings | May 29, 2015 | Jeff Alexander

The recently completed, 400,000-sf facility repurposed an abandoned casino into a state-of-the-art civic building that serves as a model of public...

Prismatic coatings accent the new Altara Center

This multi-use campus will contain a university, sports facilities, medical center, and world-class shopping.

Multifamily Housing | May 14, 2015 | Jeff Alexander

This multi-use campus will contain a university, sports facilities, medical center, and world-class shopping

Graffiti-Resistant Coatings To Keep Projects Looking Their Best

There are now several options available to keep buildings looking their best, which often includes both a coating system and an associated chemical graffiti remover.

Coatings | April 27, 2015 | Jeff Alexander

There are now several options available to keep buildings looking their best, which often includes both a coating system and an associated chemical...

Removing graffiti without a trace

There are three common methods for graffiti removal: painting over graffiti, using a chemical remover, and pressure washing.

Building Owner | April 20, 2015 | Jeff Alexander

The issue of graffiti removal inspired Valspar scientists to develop a graffiti resistance system, which has been tested and approved

Graffiti vandalism is on the rise

Valspar offers built-in graffiti resistance in all its building products coatings, at no additional cost. This protection includes both existing buildings and new construction, allowing your projects to be resistant to all the elements.

Coatings | April 13, 2015 | Jeff Alexander

Graffiti is the most common form of vandalism, and its cleanup is burdening businesses and property owners.

Make a statement by the sea

Photo: Chase Lindberg/Flickr

Coatings | April 03, 2015 | Jeff Alexander

With salt stray and intense summer sun, coastal coatings take a real beating. When selecting a coating in these harsh environments, it is essential...

Natural weather testing ensures high quality products

Valspar’s test fence in Fort Myers, Fla., contains more than 100,000 weather test panels. Photo courtesy of Valspar.

Coatings | March 24, 2015 | Jeff Alexander

Instead of relying on outside testing facilities, where it is more difficult and expensive to constantly monitor results, the test fence allows a h...

Coatings | March 13, 2015 | Jeff Alexander

Resins, the base ingredient in any coating, vary in performance qualities from good to better to best. Selecting the right coating for the specific...

How do the new Energy Star standards impact coatings?

All coatings will soon need to be tested in three weathering farm locations: Florida (hot and humid), Arizona (hot and dry) and the Midwest (cold and temperate).

Coatings | March 06, 2015 | Jeff Alexander

The Energy Star 3.0 Roof Product Specs and Test Methods is changing its standards, and all coating manufacturers are required to meet the new stand...

930 Poydras Residential Tower, New Orleans, LA. Photo: Valspar

February 23, 2015 | Jeff Alexander

With its high durability and large color palette, Valspar’s Fluropon exterior coatings have become an industry standard for both metal coil coating...

How does airflow under a metal roof further enhance energy savings?

In cool or cold weather conditions, scientists confirmed that direct-nailed asphalt shingle roofs had significantly larger heat loss than attics with metal shakes and above-sheathing ventilation.

Energy Efficiency | February 12, 2015 | Jeff Alexander

Metal roof coatings with solar reflectance can help building owners save substantially in annual cooling costs. Research has confirmed that creatin...

Reviewing Paint Warranties

All paint systems will chalk and fade over time as they weather. The warranty will explain how much chalk and fade is acceptable based on standard tests through the American Society of Testing Materials. Photo courtesy of The Soybean Checkoff/Flickr

Building Owner | February 02, 2015 | Jeff Alexander

Warranties can appear to be the same, but as a starting point, you should find out what paint technology your warranty is based on—polyester, silic...

January 21, 2015 | Jeff Alexander

In recent years, institutions of higher learning have been investing in new facilities and updating campuses across the country. Because schools wa...

January 14, 2015 | Jeff Alexander

When the architectural community wants to select the most durable coatings in the industry, what resources are available? The American Architectura...

Maple Grove Hospital, Wausau, Wis. Photo: Valspar

Healthcare Facilities | January 08, 2015 | Jeff Alexander

The healthcare industry is in the midst of a shift to a wellness model of care, and the built environment plays an important role in that. This is...

Photo: Valspar

Coatings | December 16, 2014 | Jeff Alexander

Advanced technologies are creating new possibilities with Valspar’s Fluropon Kameleon. A rich look is created with a unique blend of ceramic and in...

Haughton Middle School, Aaughton, La. Photo:

Architects | November 26, 2014 | Jeff Alexander

A beautiful coating on metal products can make a strong statement, whether used on a high-end commercial project or an industrial building. SPONSOR...

Architects | November 12, 2014 | Jeff Alexander

The new distinctive main entrance accentuates the public face of the school with an aluminum tube “baguette” system. 

Wikimedia Commons

Coatings | November 06, 2014 | Jeff Alexander

Paints are used both to add color and protect surfaces. The pigments in the paint not only impact the color but also its performance properties. SP...

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