Who are the top urban thinkers?

August 13, 2009 |

Planetizen is creating a list of the most influential urban thinkers and wants your votes. Cast your vote here. Participants get 15 votes and are encouraged to make their own nominations.

Results will be announced on September 10th, at which time readers will be able to discuss, debate, and dissect the list of the Top 50 Urban Thinkers.

What does Planetizen mean by the "top" urban thinkers? They've left the definition deliberately vague to encompass those who had the most influence on the way we think about cities and/or how cities are shaped, for better or for worse. 

More than 200 nominees range from Jane Jacobs to Frederick Law Olmstead to Le Corbusier to Upton Sinclair. 

Be creative and suggest urban planners, architects, artists, or everyday people. Have fun and, as another Chicagoan once said, vote early and vote often.

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