Southern Pine Use Guide Updated for 2009

February 25, 2009 |

The premiere technical publication from the Southern Pine Council, the Southern Pine Use Guide, has been updated for 2009 and is now available to building professionals via PDF download or hard copy.

“Architects, engineers, specifiers and other building professionals depend on the information in this comprehensive publication to properly design with Southern Pine products,” says Cathy Kaake, SFPA’s director of engineered and framing markets.

The 24-page booklet provides a comprehensive collection of information needed to specify and use Southern Pine lumber in a variety of applications. Information includes the advantages of building with wood, plus complete details on the cost savings, superior strength and treatability that make Southern Pine an ideal choice in today’s marketplace. Readers will find four pages devoted to listings of Southern Pine product and grade descriptions, based on current SPIB grading rules.

New to the 2009 edition:

An expanded listing of Southern Pine reference design values for dimension lumber, timbers and mechanically graded lumber (MSR and MEL) with information provided based on current SPIB grading rules;

Two values for modulus of elasticity, E and Emin;   

Adjustment factors

Seven representative span tables using allowable stress design

Updated text covering specialty products, treated lumber uses and specification guidelines

Sample lumber grade and treated quality mark illustrations

Specification examples for structural, treated and interior applications


Download a PDF of the new Southern Pine Use Guide here

About the Southern Pine Council.

The Southern Pine Council (SPC) is a joint promotional body coordinated and supported by producing members of the Southern Forest Products Association (SFPA) and the Southeastern Lumber Manufacturers Association (SLMA). Both associations represent manufacturers of Southern Pine lumber. SPC is the leading source of information about Southern Pine products for design-build professionals and consumers.

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