Renovated bridge building will anchor Nashville riverfront master plan

May 07, 2013 |


When Nashville built its new stadium for the Tennessee Titans, the former headquarters of the Nashville Bridge Company were spared demolition. Built in 1908, with additions made to the 5,000 square foot building in 1924 and 1965, the compound was modernized by Hastings Architecture Associates as part of the Nashville Riverfront Master Plan. Renovations were recently completed, including a newly-built modern wing, and the multipurpose faciilty has been re-dubbed The Bridge Building. It now offers spaces for meetings, parties, weddings, and other events.

The adaptive reuse required significant modifications to reflect sustainability concerns, which have resulted in a 46 percent decrease in annual energy costs, including solar hot water, a ground source heat pump, automated electrical monitoring, LED illumination, and smart operable windows.

Storm water runoff from the 7,300 square feet of roof and patio space, along with rooftop air conditioning condensate, is collected and reused, and is expected to total nearly 173,000 gallons, which will be utilized by low-flow toilets, to reduce water usage by as much as 32 percent.

Designed to achieve LEED Platinum certification, The Bridge Building shares services with other projects that are part of the Nashville Riverfront Master Plan, such as irrigation water that is captured in a rainwater cistern and green space that doubles as a permeable parking surface. The Plan incorporated reclaiming of wetlands to revitalize three miles of Cumberland riverfront that passes through downtown Nashville.


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