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February 01, 2006 |

Maximizing Daylight in Philly


Currently under construction on the waterfront in Philadelphia, Waterfront Square Condominiums and Spa consists of five 30-story buildings that will house 780 residential units. To maximize daylight in the condos, which range in size from 760 sf to 2,642 sf, the Building Team specified more than 1,300 windows and doors from TRACO. Balcony units will feature TRACO TR-8300 sliding glass doors, and all units will have a mix of TR-3000 casement windows and TR-6800 sliding glass windows. The windows and doors will be manufactured with a clear anodize finish to complement the exterior design of the buildings.


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Custom-Printed Tile

When the owners of ShopRite Wines and Spirits planned the renovation and expansion of their retail store in Caldwell, N.J., they hoped to add representations of their logo at pedestrian eye level at the entrance to the store. Mindful of the need to use materials impervious to weather and resistant to graffiti, they turned to Imagine Tile to re-create the logo on 120 8×8-inch tiles. The murals were installed by a local tile contractor following a simple, coded pattern developed by Imagine Tile.

Imagine Tile

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Hot Curves and Spicy Meatballs

To form the curved sheetrock ceiling at the new Meatballs Plus restaurant in Staten Island, N.Y., architect Salvadeo Associates, New York, utilized Flex-C Trac. The flexible metal track system provides an easy way for builders to frame complex curves using wood or metal studs—simply form the track to the desired curve, insert the wall studs, and apply the gypsum board (or other wall coverings). Flex-C Trac can be used to frame curved walls, barrel ceilings, wavy ceilings, s-curves, and columns.

Flex-Ability Concepts

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Movable Glass Walls have Car Dealers Saying 'Open Sesame'

Auto showroom and dealership managers can now move vehicles in and out of showrooms with ease by incorporating a NanaWall. The dual-pane, weather-tight glass wall can be folded away in seconds to create an open space. NanaWall consists of insulated, framed glass panels that are suspended from a hidden overhead track, allowing them to open and fold to the side.

Nana Wall Systems

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Stucco Meets the Demands of Harsh Coastal Climates

Faced with choosing an exterior wall system for twin, 18-story condo towers and an eight-story parking deck in Myrtle Beach, S.C., Clint Burdett of architect Jenkins, Hancock and Sides, Columbia, S.C., evaluated several systems before specifying the Sto Powerwall Stucco System. The hard-coat stucco system features an elastomeric finish that allows the stucco to repel water, keep its color longer, and remain flexible—key requirements for the harsh coastal environment.


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Perfect Performance

During a recent renovation of the 91-year-old Paramount Theatre in Austin, Texas, architect Harmony A. Edwards-Canfield from local interior design firm Vive! Lifestyle Design LLC was searching for new flooring for the dressing room that was durable enough to withstand constant traffic from the performers and also conform to the theatre's Art Deco design concept. "Tarkett Linoleum fit the bill perfectly," said Edwards-Canfield. The flooring is comprised of cork flour, wood flour, chalk, linseed oil, and jute to create a warm, soft floor covering that is durable and "self healing."


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Water-Tested Doors and Windows

More than 2,700 window units, 1,500 sliding glass doors, and 12,500-sf of curtain wall from Wausau Window and Wall Systems was specified for the $116 million, 56-story 55 East Erie condo tower in Chicago. Wausau worked closely with contractor Walsh Construction and architects Fujikawa, Johnson and Associates and Searl and Associates to deliver 4250 Series awning windows that provide natural ventilation to the 214 condos, and 5100 Series sliding glass doors that are tested to withstand 12 psf of water pressure to stand up to the building's exposure to Lake Michigan.

Wausau Window and Wall Systems

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