July 01, 2001 |

Claims for products described editorially on this and other pages are taken from statements of product manufacturers.

Curtain call

New line of curtain-wall products used for storefronts and entrances in a variety of face dimensions and frame depths is best suited for low- to mid-rise applications. The exterior glazed pressure system with 2-in. face dimensions is ideal for curving.


Reader Service No. 274


Sculptured bass grids for new or replacement windows are available in Colonial, Prairie and Perimeter styles.

Simonton Windows.

R.S. No. 266

The metal of the stars

As home to Los Angeles Lakers' basketball team, the Staples Center required a design that would reflect the excitement of the city. Exterior walls of the oval-shaped building are clad with aluminum composite material. With intricate patterns and trapezoidal-shaped panels, the wall slopes upward at a 15-degree angle. With a series of colored spotlights surrounding the arena that reflect off the aluminum surfaces, a smoggy purple halo over the center is visible up to 10 miles away on game nights.

Alcoa Cladding Systems.

Reader Service No. 272

Big chocolate garage

The municipal fleet services facility of Lynchburg, Va., was built with 160-by-16-in. multipurpose green and brown wall panels. The metal wall panels were specified because they need little maintenance and offer an attractive color combination. The clean lines also complement the architectural style of the building.

Atas International Inc.

R.S. No. 273

Belly up to the bar

Carbon steel bars are clad with stainless steel for grid flooring, railings and catwalks. The company claims the material will last up to 100 years.

Stelax Industries Ltd..

R.S. No. 261

Looking new

A metal coating process in 12 metals and finishes gives urethane millwork a novel look. Made to resist swelling, cupping and splitting, the millwork is finished in both a natural state that ages and weathers as the metal it depicts and with a lacquered coating.

Style-Mark Inc.

Reader Service No. 258

Fits like a glove

Slip-on silicon magnesium aluminum pipe fittings are designed for building railings and other tubular structures. Relatively strong, lightweight and corrosion-resistant, the fittings offer a bright aluminum finish, design contours and hidden set screws for easy installation. With standard 1 1/4-in. and 1 1/2-in. pipe sizes, the fittings require no welding, threading or drilling to install.

Kee Industries.

Reader Service No. 259

Taller than a mile high

The $400 million Denver Broncos stadium features silver emollients that wrap around the outside, creating a futuristic appearance. The exposed steel and other materials used to create the stadium are intended to reflect the outdoor ruggedness of the Rocky Mountains and the rejuvenated landscape along the South Platte River. The decorative grid system was custom-engineered for the building's exterior.

Wausau Window and Wall Systems.

Reader Service No. 270

Railing heights

Seattle's 40-year-old Space Needle recently installed a safety railing system. As the original construction did not provide any guardrails around the perimeter of the building's 200 Level, employees had been unprotected since the Space Needle opened in 1962. Two-bar horizontal railings were installed around the perimeter and a 60-in.-high double-top rail was placed around the elevator shafts. The seamless, nonconductive and salt-air-resistant railing is designed for use in installations where strength is critical; the material is formulated from rigid polyvinyl chloride, with a wall thickness of 5/16 inch to exceed the strength requirements for commercial railings.

Railing Dynamics Inc.

R.S. No. 268

Copper cladding

An unfinished copper cladding for windows and doors employs metal bars to simulate divided lites. Over time the copper cladding acquires a patina.

Kolbe & Kolbe.

Reader Service No. 267

Color me happy

Two standard gray colors have been added to a line of roofing and wall panels and column covers. Both are available in 24-gauge steel and 0.04 mm aluminum.

Copper Sales Inc.

Reader Service No. 257

Metal maze

Seven contemporary and original patterns, including a freehand swirl, a mesh and a geometric look, are available in four base colors in a line of 26 metal laminates. Surface finishes include mirror, satin, matte and brushed. Panels are 4 feet by 10 feet.

Nevamar Decorative Surfaces.

Reader Service No. 260

Metal mania

Metal wall panels are designed for vertical interior or ceiling applications where a special accent or mood is desired. Three new finishes are offered: titanium aluminum, embossed copper aluminum and steel.

Wilsonart International.

R.S. No. 252

Framing your view

Metal trim covers caulk lines and the perimeters of windows. Available in a combination of nine metals and finishes including brass, bronze and nickel, in both lacquered and unlacquered versions, the material comes in nine finish options for window frames.


Reader Service No. 255

Building metals

In January, a 58,000-sq.-ft., three-story business park structure was built in Santa Rosa, Calif., atop a steel-frame structure clad with wall panels. The building's progressive design went beyond functional and future expansion needs with a bold exterior design, naturally light-filled interiors and an adaptable floor plan. Approximately 24,000 square feet of platinum composite panels were used, consisting of finished aluminum bonded to a thermoplastic core.

Alusuisse Composites Inc.

Reader Service No. 276

Structural metal

Architectural metals include cast iron, aluminum, bronze castings, lighting, columns, posts, cast façade components and other decorative elements.

Allen Architectural Metals.

R.S. No. 265

Old idea, new use

Design/builder Keller Structures Inc. of Kaukauna, Wis., created a milk processing and packaging plant in eastern Wisconsin to be reminiscent of a historic dairy barn. The heavy-gauge steel building was designed in the shape of a barn, with a replica silo/store vestibule, also made of steel. The modern milk-processing plant is a single 25,500-sq.-ft. building, with steel curtain wall and roofing coated with premium paint so the facility needs little maintenance.


Reader Service No. 277

Finishing up

An insulated metal panel system delivers the look of precast concrete. Offering high resistance to abuse and abrasion, the material is available in eight standard colors as well as custom shades.


Reader Service No. 251

Open it

Stainless-steel or brass door, which complies with ADA guidelines, features a heavy-duty closer carrying a 10-year warranty. The door's self-aligning needle bearings provide pivot points for smoother operation. Metal-reinforced back-check mechanism provides stronger protection against damage to door and frame caused by overswinging.

Dawson Doors.

Reader Service No. 263

Back to the future

Metal ceilings and walls are available in steel, copper, brass, chrome and pre-painted white finishes. Sheets and moldings are protected with a peel-off PVC film during transit.

AA-Abbingdon Affiliates Inc.

R.S. No. 264

Bright metals

A new bright satin finish can be applied to brass, copper, bronze and nickel-silver metals and fashioned into decorative tiles, borders, mosiacs and murals. They come in multiple patterns, sizes and styles.


Reader Service No. 254

Built on education

A renovation and addition at the College of Pharmacy building at the University of Iowa in Iowa City features a building exterior that blends both aluminum and concrete. The 69,300-sq.-ft. facility consists of two distinct halves; the eastern half is a curved structural steel frame clad entirely in aluminum, while the western half is composed of a cast-in-place concrete frame that becomes exposed to the exterior to emphasize the structural nature of the four-story building. Composite aluminum wall panels, custom-blind aluminum windows, curved curtain walls with bent glass and aluminum louvers were all built into the project.

Moduline Window Systems.

Reader Service No. 278

Bumping the railing

Brass hardware for a glass railing system is "bump-formed," a process by which the brass is worked in a way that prevents it from containing ridges or spaces between parts, increasing overall quality of the glass railing. The system is low-maintenance and meets the strictest building regulations, including the ADA.

Morse Industries.

R.S. No. 250

Pan(el) handler

In order for the Raleigh, N.C., Entertaining and Sports Arena to achieve its desired look, the panels on its face needed a clear anodized finish on smooth aluminum glazed into the canopy fascia. The panels are available in a variety of architectural finishes including graffiti-resistant porcelain on aluminum. Insulated up to R-27, they are also available in fire-rated and sound-resistant designs.

Mapes Industries Inc.

Reader Service No. 269

Arch over Maumee

To develop a contemporary design for a new office/warehouse facility in Maumee, Ohio, Spring Valley Architects of Maumee incorporated 235 linear feet of panels fabricated from galvanized steel into three arched canopy doorways and three arch-topped window elements. Arches were requested, as the company's headquarters building is located in St. Louis.

Floline Architectural Systems.

Reader Service No. 275

Walkin' on metal

A line of decorative floor tiles and borders of premium metal is available in brass, copper, bronze and nickel silver. Suitable for walls as well, these tiles are a fifth of the weight of solid metal, yet they are durable and suitable for commercial floor applications. Borders and corners are available in textures such as crackled, hammered, flagstone and polished.

Hoboken Wood Floors.

Reader Service No. 256

Wash away

In an effort to open an often-restricted waterfront to the public, the New York City Economic Development Corp. renovated the Brooklyn Army Terminal Pier 4. Deploying 4,250 linear feet of grating, a fence was built around the entire 40-ft.-wide esplanade. Special challenges included finding a safe and aesthetically pleasing fence that would hold up to tough environmental conditions, including water, wind and vandalism.

A&T Iron Works Inc.

Reader Service No. 271

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