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Fire/Life Safety

Lighting the way

Versatile lighting fixtures offer perimeter cutoff that reduces glare in both commercial and retail security applications. The reflector controls light precisely, directing it downward and to the sides of the fixture. A variety of wattages are offered for pulse-start metal halide, high-pressure sodium and fluorescent lamps.

Ruud Lighting.

Reader Service No. 275

Extra protection

Composed of multiple sheets of laminated glass that is fire-rated for up to two hours, this impact safety-rated, transparent wall panel helps block the transfer of radiant and conductive heat emanating from a fire in applications such as stairwells and elevator lobbies. Upon exposure to fire, the sheet of glass closest to the fire fractures, and the inner layers foam up to form an opaque shield.

Technical Glass Products.

Reader Service No. 278

ADA-compliant talk

Two-way communication system provides clear, hands-free voice communication without compromising partition security at retail counters, windows and booths. A speech-enhancement intercom system is available in surface, flush and bridge-bar configurations. Universal audio trays are cashier type with hands-free communication.

Ramex Inc.

Reader Service No. 293

Safe guards

Vandal-proof signal and voice communication system for correctional facilities allows prison personnel to communicate safely with prisoners, visitors and guards at entrance doors, in holding areas and in cells. System includes master console, lights and switches.


Reader Service No. 281

Keeping track

Asset-management tracking system enhances security systems by tracking high-value assets that are linked to users and controlling the areas from which assets can be taken. The system allows up to 10 assets to be linked and provides a tracking function that permits all of the assets in a department to be linked to one supervisor.

Siemens, Cerberus Div.

R.S. No. 279

Keep safe

Impact-resistant glass provides sound and UV protection as well as safety and security benefits for vinyl, fiberglass and wood windows and doors.

Milgard Windows/Paramount.

Reader Service No. 277

No ordinary glass

Bearsch Compeau Knudson Architects chose light-diffusing, insulating glass panels for a variety of applications in Clayton Avenue Elementary School, Vestal, N.Y. The hermetically sealed, maintenance-free panels provide glare-free natural light in the gymnasium without interfering with the building's aesthetics. The panels also are specified in the school stairwells and restrooms to protect from ultraviolet rays and provide high strength as compared with ordinary insulated glass.

Schott Corp.

Reader Service No. 288

High lights

Luminaire's photometric distribution promotes safety and visibility by increasing the contrast between an object and its background. Applicable for areas with critical security requirements such as prisons, storage areas, power plants and parking lots, the fixtures supply high levels of vertical illumination in narrow, medium and wide distributions.


Reader Service No. 282

Common protocol

Protocol translator bridge enables data transfer between serial and Ethernet protocols. An extensive library of drivers provides easy interoperability between a variety of devices used in building-automation, HVAC and fire systems.

FieldServer Technologies.

R.S. No. 294

Glass guide

Design criteria, technical and performance data in weather and security situations and installation guidelines for laminated glass are presented in literature.

Glass Association of North America.

Reader Service No. 286

I can see clearly now

Ultra-clear glass has higher visible light transmittance than ordinary glass. For safety and security glazings, the visual clarity in any thickness of laminated glass construction enhances performance.

PPG Industries.

Reader Service No. 287

For safety's sake

Thermal aluminum terrace door has prehung panel with exterior key cylinder, interior deadbolt and a frame stop on all sides to resist wind and vandals. Glazing beads prevent exterior removal.


Reader Service No. 284

Shattering myths

The 2000 Democratic National Convention, to be held just blocks away, prompted the security director of the Wells Fargo Center in Los Angeles to protect the building's windows.

The selection of a security film to complete the 10,000-sq.-ft. project was based on the company's ability to install the film on existing glass, providing near-ballistic protection. Also a major factor was the commercial lifetime guarantee.

A special anchoring system was used to attach the applied film to the frame, offering additional strength by absorbing some of the shock waves should the windowpane be struck. Within eight days, installation was completed.


Reader Service No. 280

Rollin', rollin', rollin'

Blast-proof rolling doors offer protection from fire and smoke and are easily opened and closed for a variety of applications, including retail, health care, corporate, schools and public places.

Cornell Iron Works.

Reader Service No. 285

Catalog condensed

Detailed information on emergency lighting solutions and exit signage is available on CD-ROM for designers.


Reader Service No. 276


Pilkington Profilit translucent linear architectural glazing system was installed at Oxbow School in Napa, Calif., and recently demonstrated its ability to withstand significant horizontal movement without damage during the city's most recent major earthquake.

Westcrowns Inc.

Reader Service No. 289

Safety software

Efficient life-safety system combines numerous functions that have been previously available only as independent systems. Because the system is scalable, it is suitable for projects ranging from assisted-living facilities to health-care campuses covering many city blocks.

Edwards Systems Technology.

Reader Service No. 292

Spreading the word

An integrated, multichannel audio amplification and distribution subsystem is remotely controlled by a fire alarm control panel through a signaling line circuit. The audio system can play up to four audio messages simultaneously. It includes a background music input terminal block that allows the same speaker system to be used for background music. It also features four amplifier slots, up to four 25-watt amplifiers, two user-configurable tone generators for riser back-up or as a main source and two firefighter telephone zones.


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