Not too hot, not too cold

May 01, 2009 |

Showermaster 7600 Thermostatic Mixing Valves provide dependable control of water temperature for commercial shower applications. Copper-encapsulated thermostat, compensation for supply temperature and pressure fluctuations, built-in shutoff, single-handle operation, integral checkstops on hot and cold inlets and automatic shutdown. Designed to meet ASSE Standard 1016 Type T&P and CSA Standard B125.

Applications: Hotels, schools, dormitories, healthcare, and hospitals

Availability: Nationwide

Cost: $309 (list price)

Contents: Brass and bronze construction with copper-encapsulated thermostat assembly and chrome-plated trim.

Options/Sizes: 7600 concealed model available in a variety of combinations; optional Sanguard coating on handle and vandal-resistant screws available.

Contact: Leonard Valve Company,

Input 203 at

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