April 01, 2003 |

LED lighting

The M Club in Belfast, Ireland, uses new LED technology to light up its exterior, as well as the perimeter of the bar. The external lighting installation was designed around the building, with the glass windows at the front of the club providing an ideal application for a total of 2,016 LEDs.


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Earth friendly

T8 linear fluorescent lamps available in 2-, 3-, and 4-ft. lengths are now compliant with the Toxic Characteristic Leaching Procedure standard. The Exolux lamps exceed stringent EPA standards, which require the lamps to pass a landfill disposal test indicating that they are non-hazardous waste.

GE Lighting.

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Optics options

Prismatic glass lighting fixtures are available in five optical designs and two sizes, with up to 92% efficiency, according to its maker. Each shape of the Illuminaire fixture is offered with plain optics or a variety of enhancements, including decorative claws, caps, and mounting configuration options.


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Limber lighting

Low-voltage Monorail System features a bold look, cutting-edge technology, and more than 150 new fixtures, including track heads and pendants. The system can be custom designed with curves, as it can bend for high visual impact.

W.A.C. Lighting.

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Guest lighting

Motion sensor nightlight saves energy in hotel bathrooms, providing comfort for guests. WN-100 uses passive infrared technology to detect occupancy and turn lights off when the room is vacant. A light-emitting diode provides night-lighting when lights are off.

The Watt Stopper.

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Tight fit

Recessed Pendant lighting series is designed for architectural spaces too small for full-sized pendants, but requiring energy efficiency and high lumen output. Ideal for interior commercial applications, each fixture has compact fluorescent lamp sources.

Cooper Lighting.

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Light bar

Heavy-duty rod for illuminating closets and hanging garments is designed for cloakrooms, retail store garment displays, and hotels. Closet Rod combines flexible Clickstrap snap-in low-voltage linear strip lighting with a lightweight but durable extended aluminum clothes bar. It measures 13/8-in. diameter and may be ordered in lengths up to 8 ft.

Ardee Lighting.

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High-efficiency ballasts

High Efficiency ballasts are the biggest energy-saving breakthrough in linear fluorescent lighting in more than 25 years, says the maker. When paired with energy-saving T8 lamps, these ballasts cost up to 40% less to operate than T12 energy-saving systems and up to 6% less than standard electronic T8 systems. AccuStart ballasts are designed for frequently switched and short-cycle applications, such as classrooms, restrooms, and copier/file storage rooms.

Universal Lighting Technologies.

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Quick starter

Watt pulse start lamp features improved starting, faster hot restrike, and better color uniformity compared to standard 175 watt lamps, says the maker. The Uni-Form 150 watt lamp offers the same initial lumens. It is recommended for retail environments, where additional protection against fading is needed.

Venture Lighting.

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