GE solutions light up Lichtenstein's Parliament

March 01, 2010 |


GE LightingThe Parliament of Liechtenstein has a new home. When it became evident that the tiny country's new Assembly Hall required the placement of cameras and microphones for online coverage, a nine-meter-diameter ring-shaped chandelier proved to be the best solution for inconspicuously integrating the necessary technical modules. The countless wires for 36 efficient compact fluorescent lamps, 72 halogen lamps, eight microphones, and four dome cameras had to be grouped into 12 bundles of cables. Without visible canopies or attachments, the profiles disappear between the bricks of the roof slope. Four downlights with GE 70-watt ConstantColor CHM T6 3000 K ceramic metal halide lamps create general illumination. They are recessed in the roof ridge and can be lowered by means of rope winches.

GE Lighting

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