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Hot stuff

The Bernalillo Courthouse in Albuquerque, N.M., incorporates intricate pop-outs designed into its EIFS façade to add to the overall appeal of the building. The pop-outs constructed of EIFS are small, ledge-like structures that run all the way around the building near its top and at mid-height, extending almost 1 foot from the wall. EIFS was the most energy-efficient way to envelope the building, helping to insulate it against New Mexico's intense heat. EIFS was specified for 180,000 square feet of the exterior wall area. It consists of expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation board, a single layer of base coat and is reinforced with mesh over the entire surface.


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A diamond in the rough

Custom-molded EIFS board with a raised diamond pattern on the backside allows not only for rapid water drainage, but aids in circulating air between the EIFS and the exterior surface of the building. Compared with the laborious work of cutting the EIFS foam board to the right size and matching it to the building's exterior, this custom EIFS board is made to match specifications provided by the building team. Because of the consistent and uniform thickness of each piece, less rasping of the surface is required, as well as less cleanup and less labor cost per square foot of wall. The system can be applied with adhesives to plywood or oriented strand board, or mechanically fastened to a variety of building frames, per the EIFS manufacturer's specification. It is available 1 or 2 inches thick and 24 and 28 inches wide.


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Wrap around

Designed to meet the most stringent building codes, this EIFS product is seamless, tough and durable. Classic NexT resists moisture penetration more than 28 times longer than conventional building paper. A special guard system gives this system a continuous secondary air and moisture barrier to protect the sheathing and other construction components.

Sto Corp.

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EIFS retrofit

Vee-Jay Cement Contracting Co. of St. Louis covered the brick façade of its headquarters with EIFS. The renovation included 2,200 square feet of EIFS with 4-in.-thick EPS board. The EIFS cladding Vitale selected by Vee-Jay features a blend of beige and brown semismooth finishes. EIFS was specified because it would cost less while providing a comparable result to other types of cladding. The installed cost was approximately $9 per square foot, considerably less than anticipated.


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Stuck on you

EIFS adhesive is for use when air and wall temperatures are between 35 F and 50 F. Rapidry DM 35-50 is used to adhere EPS insulation board to approved substrates and to embed reinforcing mesh as part of the base coat. It dries fast, enabling two installation steps to be completed in one workday, compared with other cementitious adhesives and base coats, which can take more than 24 hours to dry in cold weather conditions.


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Wash away the rain

EIFS features a moisture-resistant sheathing to deliver system protection against moisture intrusion damage. The Insulscreen 2200's sheathing provides both water-resistance and built-in water drainage. For adhesive applications of EIFS, the system's high cohesive properties ensure long-term bonding compared to conventional glass-mat and paper-faced gypsum sheathing alternatives. In addition, the gypsum/cellulose fiber formulation makes the entire panel water-resistant. As a result, no facing layer is needed to add strength or to provide a primary water barrier. The EIFS features a number of other water management features, including a weather-resistant barrier and specially designed window treatments, flashing, weeping and details. Other system components include a polymer finish, base coat, mesh and insulation board. With multiple finish options, the EIFS provides a wide range of architectural designs.

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No microbes allowed

An interior paint line from primer to topcoat, Harmony Interior Latex is formulated without silica and has antimicrobial properties that protect the paint film for applications including computer chip manufacturers' clean rooms, restaurants, animal containment areas, hotels and schools.


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Section Off

Demountable office partition is designed to permit easy space management. System 40 is installed without mechanical fasteners, and all panels are interchangeable and washable.

PPI Modular.

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Sign of the times

Sign fabricator creates designs for both interior and exterior applications for apartments, resorts, corporate facilities, planned communities and business parks. The signs promote identity, set the mood, establish a feeling of value and provide information using a combination of techniques, materials, finishes and details.

Southwood Corp.

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Coordinated effort

The Plasline ceiling and canopy system now has coordinated Plaswall panels in white, beige, sand and two shades of gray for vertical, horizontal or diagonal application.

Rulon Co.

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