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January 01, 2006 |

Textured Indoor/Outdoor Panels

Foam Visions' Texture Plus high-impact interior/exterior wall panels are now available in a coral block interlock pattern. The textured coral block panels come in a muted, neutral coloration with a random brick and block surface pattern. The molded HDU panel is the company's first product to interlock on all four sides. Fire-rated panels are available.

Foam Visions

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Stairway To ... Anywhere

Stair system is designed to meet virtually any industrial need. Four tread surface options (diamond, grip, bar grating, and pan), several tread widths, and a variety of finishes are available. The stringers are constructed from 10- or 12-inch channel, depending on the height and angle of the stair.

Lapeyre Stair Inc.

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Blinding Light

Certified by Scientific Certification Systems as environmentally preferable products, Blaze and Blinding Light carpet lines are made with a high-luster yarn that catches the light to provide a sparkling look.

Bentley Prince Street

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Downlights for High Places

Prescolite's new six- and eight-inch aperture metal-halide fixtures are designed for commercial and institutional environments with high ceilings where lamp access is often difficult. The new downlights, which are part of the company's Architektur recessed lighting line, can be specified with a choice of beam spreads. A full range of reflector options is offered, including different color and finishes.


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Bridging the Light

Architectural pendant light features two glass shades supported by a double bar system and decorative cabling that is designed to mirror the graceful lines of a suspension bridge. The glass shades are situated approximately 26 inches apart, and the shades are 11 inches high (the entire fixture is 23 inches in height). Lamp options include incandescent, compact fluorescent, and metal halide.

Pathway Lighting Products

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A Fascia for All Types of Roofing Systems

Perma-Tite Omni Fascia is designed for use with virtually any type of roofing systems, including built-up, modified-bitumen, and single-ply systems. The system has no exposed fasteners and follows NRCA's guidelines for raised-perimeter edge conditions. Perma-Tite's design ensures a watertight seal—the roofing membrane is raised out of the waterline and the base rail locks down the membrane.

Metal-Era Inc.

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Faux Wood Flooring

Flooring made from 100% vinyl provides the look of natural wood without the maintenance hassle associated with wood. Wood Naturals Solid Vinyl Tile is resistant to wear, indentations, delamination, and shrinking. Available in a variety of styles, including cherry, walnut, maple, oak, ash, and pecan. The tile's 1/8-inch thickness helps conceal subfloor imperfections.

Roppe Corp.

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Penny Round Tile

Unglazed porcelain tile resembles a collection of pennies neatly arranged in tile form. Available in 21 solid colors, Penny Round can be installed on floors, walls, and countertops, and around pools. The tile resists abrasion, chemicals, and frost, and has a water absorption of 0.03%.


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Up With the Light

Indirect Linear Fluorescent light fixtures for schools, hospitals, and offices are available in four- and eight-foot lengths and with up to three lamps. The bottom face of the fixture can be solid or perforated to provide some downlighting.

Ruud Lighting

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Smoke Detector

Single-ended, reflected-type Beam Smoke Detectors have a protection coverage of up to 328 feet, making them ideal for open areas with high ceilings. The system is easy to install—alignment is accomplished using a built-in, two-digit signal strength meter—and can operate in extreme temperatures.

Systems Sensor

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Underlayment Gets Full Exposure

Polyglass's Polystick TU P is a new roofing underlayment designed to withstand exposure to the elements for up to 36 months. The APP rubberized asphalt waterproofing membrane has a glass fiber-reinforced polyester mat with a granulated surface and can be used for re-roofing projects, but is best suited for new construction, the company says. The extended-exposure product can be used as a tile underlayment, chimney flashing, skylight flashing, or to seal pipe penetrations.


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Fighting Fungi

Anti-microbial treatment available for all Astro Climaplus and Eclipse Climaplus ceiling panels provides resistance against fungi, mold, mildew, bacteria, yeast, and algae. Both ceiling panels have a 30-year warranty against mold and mildew and contain low levels of formaldehyde.


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Why Buy Automatic Doors?

Well, because nearly 99% of consumers prefer automatic to manual doors, according to a recent study by the American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers. Based on the results of the study, AAADM has published a brochure that offers 10 reasons to install automatic door systems and examines the benefits of different types of systems.

American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers

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Exotic Wood Collection

Armstrong has added several "exotic wood" varieties to its Timberline and Standard Excelon commercial resilient flooring lines. Among the styles and colors added to the Timberline collection are deep, rich colors and wood visuals (e.g., bamboo and Wenge, an African hardwood) that complement the rustic, natural design schemes popular in today's hospitals. The Standard Excelon line gets 16 new colors, including several shades of brown—a trendy color in schools, retail stores, and hospitals.


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Interlocking Brick Panels

Texture wall panel for high-end retail applications features an interlocking design that allows for fast installation and results in random patterns. Coral Block adds subtle highlight and texture to both indoor and outdoor retail environments. Available with a fire-rated option, Coral Block panels cost less than $5/sf.

Texture Plus

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An Easy Way to Hard Wire Doors

Ceco hollow metal doors are now available with a quick-connect feature that makes it easy to install electrified door hardware products, including hinges, locks, exit devices, magnetic holders, and strikes. ElectroLynx utilizes standard "plug and play" connectors with color-coded wiring to simplify the installation process.

Ceco Door Products

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Polish Your Spanish with Lingo Guide

In the U.S. construction industry, foreign-born Hispanics make up almost 20% of the workforce, according to the Pew Hispanic Center, Washington, D.C. Yet, most project managers and construction superintendents are not fluent in Spanish, leaving room for mistakes. The Lingo Guide for Builders can help break the language barrier by providing English-to-Spanish and Spanish-to-English translation of hundreds of common construction terms and phrases. The 150-page pocket-size, flip-cover book lists phrases by construction categories (e.g., framing, HVAC, masonry, electrical) and provides pronunciation for each word in the phrase. Other categories include demolition/clean-up, plumbing, concrete, drywall, floors, painting, roofing, conversation, and basic job Q&A.

Hellbender Marketing

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