Door Hardware

October 01, 2003 |

Balancing act

Automatic door opener is a low-energy operator that automatically opens the door while using a floor closer to hang and close the door. The Model 2900 is ideal for doors that are too heavy to be controlled by a traditional low-energy operator and for low to moderate traffic applications where ADA accessibility is required. By using balanced pivots, the product only needs to overcome the force of the spring of the floor closer, allowing it to control the heaviest of doors. The unit is available for both offset and center-hung doors, in models to accommodate either the push or pull side of the door, and in deep-reveal and double-egress options.

Rixson Specialty Door Controls.

Reader Service No. 215

Chic, lean machine

Door lever is made with laser technology in order to reduce the number of parts to a minimum. The handle's flat surface allows for corporate logos to be applied.

Valli & Valli.

Reader Service No. 217

Push then pull

Mortise lock and pull system is available in two models, offering both 650-lb. and 1,000-lb. holding forces. The ML-1100 Series Mortise Lock and Pull System's locking hardware is totally concealed with tamper-proof mounting, offering security and aesthetics. The system comes in dark bronze and satin black anodized finishes.

Dortronics Systems.

Reader Service No. 216

Child-safe windows

Window safety lock provides a concealed-from-view alternative to child-guard bars for multifamily residential complexes. The guard lock disables the swing-in operation on tilt-and-turn windows while the window is locked. Use of a key disengages the lock function and permits the tilt-and-turn window to swing or turn in for cleaning.

Thermo Roll Window Corp.

Reader Service No. 213

Open up

Stand-alone access-control system with patented cylindrical lockset has a modular design for easy future upgrades and is capable of expanding the available audit trial and user memory on the door. I-Que is a weather-proof, 16-position keypad.

Marks USA.

Reader Service No. 214

School lock in

The University of California, Los Angeles, retrofitted classrooms in its historic Haines Hall with LockLink standalone electronic access-control locking system. The Computer Managed locks installed in the hall are stand-alone, battery-powered locks that can be programmed with the software. Each lock manages up to 1,000 users and provides an audit trail for the last 1,000 events. The unit may be momentarily unlocked from the outside with an approved access code or remain unlocked using a toggle-mode access code. David Kelly, UCLA locksmith, chose the system for its automatic lock and re-lock function, which allows professors to use specific access codes to enter their assigned classrooms even on the weekends.

IR Security and Safety.

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Locked in

Grade I locksets are built with a heavy-duty mortise chassis, provide a three-hour fire rating, and meet ADA requirements for barrier-free accessibility. The ML900 and MK900 Series locksets include high-strength springs and a positive stop to eliminate unsightly sagging levers. A hardened-steel hub design prevents damage to the lock when lever handles are abused.

Dorma Architectural Hardware.

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