Creative floor graphics create cable conduit underfoot

March 01, 2007 |

Employees in the new Amersfoort, Holland, offices for European telecommunications and cable provider KPN may find themselves avoiding walking down the center of the hallways, at least for the first few weeks. In an effort to spice up the office, KPN commissioned a local graphics firm to create 3-D floor graphics that emulate the appearance of an open cable conduit running straight down the hallways. Over a four-day period, hundreds of individual 16-inch-wide floor graphics panels were printed with standard Hewlett-Packard HP5500 inkjet printers and water-based inks. The panels were then laminated to MacDermid Autotype's FootPrint high-traffic adhesive, making them easy to fit and reposition, while ensuring they remain firmly in place once in use. Because FootPrint is reverse printed, the underlying image areas are protected by the scratch- and slip-resistant outer layers, and they will also withstand cleaning solvents and chemicals.

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