BrightShelf light shelves from Hunter Douglas Contract

March 15, 2013 |

Hunter Douglas Contract's new BrightShelf light shelf features the company's patented Ogee Curve, which redirects daylight deep into the building space in an even pattern. The curved shelf incorporates both a concave and convex curve to maximize sunlight.

Direct sunlight that hits the initial concave surface is directed into the building space while light hitting the concave portion is directed back toward the shelf. This, in effect, double washes the ceiling with natural daylight in an even pattern.

BrightShelf’s lightweight design and attachment clips make it quick and easy to install to a variety of substrates such as vertical curtain wall mullions, storefront, studs, and masonry. The panels can be installed in both punch window applications (single window units), or as continuous segmented runs of a window system.

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