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Porsche Design Tower is, unsurprisingly, a car lover’s dream

The idea behind the residential tower was to provide residents with a full single family home in the sky, complete with a private garage and pool.

March 22, 2017 |

Photo by John Parra/Gettyimages for Porsche Design

Imagine driving your car into your garage, stepping out directly into your condo, and, with a few more steps, hopping into your private pool, all while being 50 stories or more in the air. That is the concept that has been brought to life with Miami’s Porsche Design Tower, Porsche Design’s first residential tower.

It all begins with the Dezervator, a car elevator designed by developer Gil Dezer, reports. As a resident drives their car into the garage, they will pass through three laser identifiers, park between two yellow lines, and turn off the engine. Then, the Dezervator will spin the car into position so a dolly can roll out underneath the car and lock into place. The dolly pulls the car into a glass-enclosed elevator and uses a transponder on the car to determine where to take it.

Once the proper unit is reached, the doors open and the dolly slides the car out into a fire-resistive glass showroom, turning the car into part of the condo’s décor. Each floor has three units accessible by the Dezervator, including the 19,403-sf four-story penthouse, which has space for up to 11 cars. The penthouse costs $32.5 million.

Units also come with their own private terraces equipped with a swimming pool, gas fireplaces, high-end appliances, floor-to-ceiling windows, and panoramic ocean views.

Building amenities include a spa, movie theater, and a ballroom, but it is the Dezervator that will likely be the major selling point for many a car aficionado.

Of the 136 units, all but six, including the massive penthouse, have been purchased. The project cost around $550 million to build and has an estimated sellout of $840 million. Currently, 22 of the units will belong to billionaires.

Sieger Suarez Architects designed the tower and Michael Wolk Design Associates and Porsche Design handled the interiors.

 Porsche Design Tower celebrated its grand opening on March 18th


Photo by John Parra/Gettyimages for Porsche Design.


Photo by Timur Emek/Getty Images for Porsche Design.


Rendering courtesy of Porsche Design Group.

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