Ohio is first state to roll back renewable energy standards

Move will reduce green construction jobs, critics charge

July 01, 2014 |
Photo: franky242 via FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Ohio became the nation’s first state to roll back renewable energy standards after the state House of Representatives passed Senate Bill 310 and Gov. John Kasich recently signed the measure.

The standards previously required the state’s utilities to sell more solar and wind energy each year and charged them with finding efficiency solutions for their customers. Passage of the bill means the standards are put on hold until 2017, when a committee could permanently freeze them.

Environmental groups estimate that consumers have saved a combined $1 billion on their bills over the life of the standards. In additions, the standards have brought in an estimated $1 billion in investment commitments.

“With this legislation, Gov. Kasich is moving the state backwards while monopoly utilities will see even greater profits,” Sierra Club campaign representative Daniel Sawmiller said. “Ohioans can now expect higher electricity bills, fewer jobs in the clean energy manufacturing and construction industries, and increased pollution.


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