Multifamily developers, designers cater to occupants’ need for mobility

Bike storage facilities and “bicycle kitchens” are among the most popular mobility amenities in multifamily developments, according to a new survey by Multifamily Design + Construction magazine.

August 09, 2017 |

Mobility, whether on two wheels, four wheels, or more, is on the minds of multifamily developers and designers, according to a recent survey of 215 architects, designers, builders, and developers in the U.S./Canada multifamily construction sector, by Multifamily Design + Construction, a BD+C sister publication. 

The need of bicyclists for secure storage is being met by two-thirds of respondents (66.5%); about one-third (31.7%) are providing repair and maintenance services in so-called “bicycle kitchens,” while one-fifth (20.4%) said they’re offering bike sharing. A similar cluster (19.0%) said they’re providing car-share services (e.g., Zipcar).

A remarkable number of respondents (17.6%) said they have created waiting areas for shared-rise services (Uber, Lyft), but these may just lobbies or other weather-protected areas. 

A substantial group, about two-fifths (39.4%), have built “within a short walk” of bus or rail transit.

Look for the full report in the Fall (October) issue of Multifamily Design+Construction.
Mobility amenities in multifamily developments: 
Bicycle Storage (secured): 66.5%
Electric Vehicle Charging Station: 42.0%
Transit Access: 39.4%
Bicycle Repair/Maintenance: 31.7%
Bicycle Sharing: 20.4%
Source: Multifamily Design + Construction Reader Survey, June-July 2017

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