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Modular, collapsable hotel pods can be built in cities’ interstitial spaces

Connectic by Cooper Carry recently won the 2019 Radical Innovation Award.

October 22, 2019 |
Interior of Connectic module

All renderings courtesy Cooper Carry

Connectic, a pop-up hotel concept by Cooper Carry, recently won the 2019 Radical Innovation Award after being selected from a group of three finalists.

The concept employs modular construction techniques to fill underutilized spaces with collapsible, modular units that are flexible and adaptable to respond to a variety of environments. The units can be used to build a pop-up hotel in interstitial spaces between buildings, parking lots, and forgotten pocket parks or help solve space and density problems in urban cores.


Connectic street view in interstitial space


The modules are brought to a given site in their collapsed form via trucks and then assembled by drones. Each module features lighting and HVAC track that is supported by the frame and plugs into central power; is a self containing plenum that holds the interior wall, furniture, HVAC, and plumbing; uses ETFE window panels with electrochromic glazing technology for privacy and a built-in customizable LED array; and is made from structurally self-supporting flat carbon fiber panels. No external structures or utilities are needed, but the modules can be connected to existing buildings.


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Connectic was awarded a $10,000 grand prize after winning a live vote by audience members at the 13th Annual Radical Innovation Award ceremony held on Oct. 16.


connectic interior event space


connectic electrochromic glazing


Connectic module


Connectic deployed on a beach


Connectic drone construction


Connectic hotel aerial view


Connectic on another building

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