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MAD Architects unveils first U.S. residential project, in Beverly Hills

The “hillside village” edifice will be covered in drought-tolerant vines and succulents.

June 22, 2015 |
MAD Architects, Ma Yansong, Beverly Hills, 8600 Wilshire, Multifamily

Renderings courtesy MAD Architects

Described as “bringing the nature found on the adjacent foothills of Los Angeles into the city,” MAD Architect’s 8600 Wilshire multifamily project will be Chinese architect Ma Yansong’s first U.S. residential project, the firm said in a statement.

Online magazine Hypebeast described the structure of 18 units as embodying the firm’s founder’s design philosophy, “to harmonize nature within high-density urbanity.”

A glass façade, tinted cool white, will be covered by water-efficient, drought-tolerant vines and succulents.

The layout of the building is a complex of homes: three townhouses, five villas, two studios, and eight condominiums, making it in essence a “hillside village,” as the firm puts it.

The 8600 Wilshire is expected to break ground this October. According to the firm, the project was newly honored in the “design concept” category at the 45th annual Los Angeles Architectural Awards, hosted by the Los Angeles Business Council.


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