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Steven Burns | Aug 4, 2014

What AEC executives can do to position their firms for success

Most AEC leadership teams are fastidious about tracking their hit rate–the number of proposals submitted minus the number of proposals won. Here are three alternatives for increasing that percentage. SPONSORED CONTENT

Steven Burns | Jul 21, 2014

Designing the process of leadership transition

Transition planning can be one of the more complex challenges that firms face. Effective plans begin by determining the gap between a firm’s current state and the future it envisions for itself. SPONSORED CONTENT

Jul 17, 2014

Alliance formed to promote research on indoor air quality

A memorandum of understanding creating the Indoor Environment Quality Global Alliance was signed on June 29; the Alliance was formed to explore ways in which industry groups could work together to address all aspects of indoor environmental quality and health.

Jul 16, 2014

Mergers and acquisitions of AE firms on track for strong year in 2014

Through the first six months of 2014, Morrissey Goodale tracked 101 sales of U.S.-based architecture and engineering firms, roughly the same amount as during the first six months of 2013.
Steven Burns | Jul 7, 2014

How to keep an employee from jumping ship

The secret to keeping your best employees productive and happy isn’t throwing money at them, as studies have continuously shown that money isn’t the top factor in employee happiness. Here are four strategies from leadership coach Kristi Hedges. SPONSORED CONTENT
Steven Burns | Jul 7, 2014

Nothing fixes a bad manager

Companies seem to try everything imaginable to fix their workplaces, says Gallup Chairman and CEO Jim Clifton in a recent blog post, except the only thing that matters: naming the right person manager. SPONSORED CONTENT

Jul 1, 2014

Hyper-speed rendering: How Gensler turns BIM models into beauty shots in seconds

In search of a fast rendering solution, Gensler looked to the gaming and moviemaking industries for the next breakthrough tool: Octane Render.

Jul 1, 2014

7 ways to cut waste in BIM implementation

Process mapping, split models, and streamlined coordination meetings are among the timesaving techniques AEC firms are employing to improve BIM/VDC workflows.

Steven Burns | Jun 22, 2014

5 ways to improve your firm’s branding efforts

Establishing, conveying, and maintaining a powerful brand is a critical component of an AEC firm’s marketing strategy. Here are five strategies to make a greater impact with your firm’s branding efforts.
Jun 19, 2014

NCARB study: Architects getting licensed at younger age

A new report from NCARB shows that the median age of people at initial licensure is at a 10 year low.

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