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Top building products for March 2024

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Top building products for March 2024

The Doorbird video doorbell 3D configurator, Nichiha architectural wall panels, and the updated StoColor Wood Stain collection are some of the top building products featured this month.

By BD+C Staff | March 31, 2024
Top building products for March collage
Top building products for March 2024

Building Design+Construction editors bring you the top building products for the month of March. Collected across a variety of building sectors, these products offer security, save C02, and deliver installation convenience.

From heavy-duty sealants to architectural metal roof panels, here are 15 products being used in the industry today.

March 2024 Top 15 Building Products


TYPAR Heavy-Duty Sealant


TYPAR heavy-duty sealant
Photo courtesy TYPAR Weather Protection System

Expanding its portfolio to offer builders and contractors an alternative adhesion solution for doors, windows and seams, the TYPAR Heavy-Duty Sealant is engineered for versatility, easy to tool for fast applications and neater joints, and fully cures within 48-72 hours with 60 minute tack-free time. An approved alternative on seaming applications with TYPAR DrainableWrap Commercial, the sealant’s modified urethane acrylic composition delivers performance characteristics that make it ideal for creating air- and water-tight building envelopes for multifamily, commercial and residential applications. The sealant is less than 1.5% VOC, meeting all 50 U.S. states’ VOC requirements, and exceeds AAMA 808.3 and ASTM C920 standards.

Nichiha architectural wall panels

by Nichiha

St. Louis Children’s Specialty Care Center, South County Location
St. Louis Children’s Specialty Care Center, South County Location | St. Louis, Mo. | Healthcare
Photo courtesy Nichiha

The façade for a new children’s healthcare center in St. Louis needed to perform in the notoriously severe weather and high-traffic environment, instill confidence and inspiration for those visiting and working there, be low maintenance and correspond closely with the visual brand of the center’s parent network. To meet all these needs, the project designers selected architectural wall panels (AWP) from Nichiha. A mixture of TuffBlock in a custom white color and high-gloss Miraia in Glacier cover the center’s main portions in an attention-grabbing design, while accenting using Illumination introduces a shade of blue characteristic of the parent network brand. The fiber cement cladding selected delivers on performance needs with an integrated rainscreen, so it will not flinch in the face of snow, wind, rain or hail and also resists rot, fire, pests and extreme temperatures.

Tyco QRS-2 Quick Release Switch

by Johnson Controls

Tyco QRS-2 Quick Release Switch
Photo courtesy Johnson Controls

The Tyco QRS-2 Quick Release Switch is an electronic accelerator that improves the response time of Tyco dry pipe and preaction valves within fire sprinkler systems. Built-in low- and high-pressure alarm supervision allows the switch to automatically adjust to small and slow changes in system pressure and can initiate operation of valves within four seconds after sprinkler activation. Electric release technology helps reduce accelerator operating times and false trips that may occur with traditional mechanical switches. Arriving fully assembled with battery backup in case of primary power failure, the switch can be used with Tyco DPV-1 dry pipe valves and DV-5A automatic control valves as well as part of the Tyco QUELL cold storage fire protection system.

KNIGHTSHIELD range of roof coatings

by W.R. Meadows

KNIGHTSHIELD roof coating
Photo courtesy W.R. Meadows

Targeting the challenges of roof restoration, the KNIGHTSHIELD range of roof coatings provide a practical alternative for reviving different types of roof membranes, systems and substrates. The products within the collection—including high solids silicone roof coatings, walk-pads, primers and cleaners—are designed to work in tandem for a holistic approach to roof restoration and establish a full-fledged, warrantable system. Additionally, a dedicated team of representatives and a network of certified applicators span the U.S. to ensure proper installation and customer support for this product line.

Perma R structural sheathing products

by INDEVCO Building Products

Perma R Brace and Perma R Brace SIB
Photo courtesy INDEVCO Building Products

As the latest additions to this company’s line of building solutions, the Perma R Brace and Perma R Brace SIB are specifically designed to meet the demands of today’s building codes while also delivering installation convenience and cost savings. Though half the weight of typical oriented strand board (OSB), these lightweight structural sheathing products offer reliable structural support. A fiberboard sheathing with composite core, the Perma R Brace is reversible, can be cut with a utility knife and is available in custom sizing to eliminate excess scrap. The Perma R Brace SIB is a reversible, four-in-one structural sheathing that protects against water, moisture vapor, mold and more while complying with the energy code using 2” x 4” conventional framing. 

Polygood recyclable plastic panels

by The Good Plastic Company

Polygood recyclable plastic panels
Photo courtesy The Good Plastic Company

The Good Plastic Company is expanding into North America with its Polygood material that is available in over 100 patterns and can be specified for a broad spectrum of applications, including interior design, architecture, furniture manufacturing and retail displays. Made from post-consumer and post-industrial waste, the 100% recycled and recyclable plastic panels achieved Cradle to Cradle Bronze certification and Environmental Product Declaration, preventing the emission of more than three tons of C02 for every ton of material produced compared to virgin material production. Available from stock or custom made to order, each panel pattern originates from distinct waste sources that contribute to its unique story.

Single Channel Pad Dispenser

by Hospeco Brands Group

Hospeco Brands Group Offers Affordable Pad-Only Dispenser PR Image
Photo courtesy Hospeco Brands Group

Ideal for use in niche locations, like middle schools or community centers, this Single Channel Pad Dispenser provides a solution when members of the public find themselves without menstrual care products when needed. The affordable, pad-only dispenser is surface-mounted with a slim design for easy access, and its dispensing mechanisms are ADA-compliant. This product offering is part of the universal access movement that seeks to make menstrual care products as plentiful in public restrooms as toilet paper, paper towels and soap.

BlackStar structural insulated panels

by The BlackStar Companies

BlackStar structural insulated panels
Photo courtesy The BlackStar Companies

With the launch of a new business division called BlackStar SIPS, the company introduces Magnesim Sulfate SIPS for climate resilient structures that are resistant to earthquakes, mold, mildew, fire, insects, and can stand up to tornadoe and hurricane speeds up to 250 mph. These structural insulated panels (SIPs) for commercial, residential, and government structures have even received Florida Product Approval, meaning the product meets the state’s rigid requirements including the ability to withstand high-velocity hurricane zones. Available in Wood or Magnesim Sulfate SIPS, the factory-built product line comes in roof, floor, and wall panels.

MONARC interior composite wall panels

by the makers of ALUCOBOND

MONARC interior composite wall panels
Photo courtesy ALUCOBOND

The MONARC interior wall panel finishes bring a new slate of color and style trends to commercial design. Durable, sustainable, and low-maintenance, the MONARC range of new composite wall panels deliver 19 finishes for designers to use. The Quarry collection offers the refinement of natural stone, the Woodland collection elevates space with wooden finishes, and the Urbanesque collection inspires design with industrial-age textures.

Doorbird video doorbell 3D configurator

by Bird Home Automation GmbH

Doorbird video doorbell 3D configurator
Photo courtesy Bird Home Automation GmbH/Doorbird

The Doorbird intercom is a tailorable smart home system, made easier with an augmented reality (AR) visualizer and configurator. With a variety of modules to choose from, including a keypad, fingerprint reader, and display, the intercom system can be specified to any fit any demand. The Doorbird 3D configurator allows you to design a customized doorbell system with adjustable dimensions and over 50 colors and surfaces.

SensoWash smart shower toilet series

by Duravit

SensoWash shower toilet
Photo courtesy Duravit USA

Duravit USA has expanded its offering of shower toilet products with refreshed designs for SensoWash U and SensoWash Classic. The SensoWash series each feature a bidet with Rearwash, Frontwash and Comfortwash settings, as well as connectivity with the SensoWash smart phone app. Designed for energy efficiency and improved performance, the SensoWash U features smart clean and personalized flushing profiles. SensoWash Classic, updated with a fresh design for mid-market price offerings, also includes seat heating, night lighting, and automatic lid opening and closing based on user proximity.

Tubelite Interior Flush Glaze Framing system

by Tubelite

Tubelite Interior Flush Glaze Framing system
Photo courtesy Tubelite

The Tubelite INT14 Interior Flush Glaze Framing system blends transparency and flexibility within commercial spaces as it offers versatile design options for floor-to-ceiling room enclosures or freestanding partitions. With a standard 2-inch face and 4.5-inch depth for trim sitelines and optimal viewing areas, the flush-glazed system accommodates most configurations while prioritizing daylight, visual connection and sound reduction. Designed with 0.5-inch glazing as standard, the interior framing system can be finished in a full selection of standard architectural paint and anodized colors plus specialty and custom finishes. 

Updated StoColor Wood Stain collection

by Sto Corp.

StoCast Wood StoColor Stain release collage image
Photo courtesy Sto Corp.

Sto Corp. has introduced 25 new stains for its StoColor Wood Stain collection. The series includes 25 rich colors, including 15 single-color tones and 10 dual-color tones, that can be custom-matched to a wide range of colors. StoCast Wood can be applied as the finish layer to any Sto cladding system on walls or soffits, or directly applied to most common construction surfaces, such as CMU or drywall.

Schlage XE360 Series Wireless Locks

by Allegion

Schlage XE360 Series Wireless Locks
Photo courtesy Allegion US

The Schlage XE360 Series is a new electronic lock portfolio from Allegion that is specifically designed for the multifamily market. Keeping style and price in mind, the XE360 series is the next generation of innovative electronic locks from Schlage. It operates in an offline or No-Tour environment, saving the need to visit the lock as access rights update, and comes equipped with MIFARE, Bluetooth, and NFC mobile technologies. A concealed key override helps to maintain the lock's sleek appearance.

BattenTite architectural metal roof panels


BattenTite architectural metal roof panels
Photo courtesy IMETCO

An expansion of its metal system offerings, BattenTite architectural metal roof panels are designed for roof slopes of 3 inches or greater plus vertical wall applications. Panels are available in an extensive range of metals—including aluminum, copper, zinc, galvanized and stainless steel—with smooth or embossed surfaces and mill or Kynar coatings; custom materials, gauges and coatings are also offered. Its batten-style ribs are 1⅞-inches high but can be created in custom widths up to 44½ inches. The system can be applied over plywood or gyp board with rigid insulation over decking. 


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