Interface modular carpet tiles

August 01, 2006 |

Modular carpet tiles from Interface are available in more than 150 styles and multiple sizes, from 19x19 inches to 39x39 inches. The tiles meet the industry's highest environmental standard for carpet—the Carpet and Rug Institute's Green Label Plus—and are designed for installation without permanent adhesive, which permits easy removal and reinstallation of tiles.

Rey Viquez, senior associate and director of interior design with WWCOT, specified five types of Interface modular carpet tile (Paint Box, Menagerie, Flannel, Softsisal, and Equator) for an interior office fit-out in Ontario, Calif., for commercial realtor Sperry Van Ness. By melding different textures, colors, and patterns, Viquez was able to simulate the look of hardwood flooring and create colorful, vibrant patterns.

Why Rey Viquez specifies Interface modular carpet:

“I selected this product because of the quality of yarn; it yields a vibrant and crisp color and pattern.”

“Interface offers a wide range of darks, lights, brights, muted tones, and crisp patterns. We combine different tiles, like pixels, to compose an overall picture. The client gets a custom solution, but is paying for a standard product.”

“With modular carpet, maintenance is easy. If there's a spill, burn, or mishap on the floor, all you do is pop out and replace the tile. We even have clients with short leases on their office space that plan to pop the carpet tile out and take it with them to their new office.”

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