Coin toss decides who gets $4.4 million construction contract

Coin toss decides which firm gets to build the new Gretna (La.) Police Headquarters

March 17, 2014 |

When the Gretna (La.) Police Department advertised a construction bid for a new headquarters, they priced the project at approximately $4.5 million.

F.H. Meyer Construction Co. and Trimark Construction LLC. both submitted low bids of $4,410,000. Instead of re-bidding, the Gretna City Council decided to leave the choice up to chance, breaking the tie by tossing a coin. Both construction firms agreed to the method.

On March 12, the grandson of the late Gretna police chief Beauregard H. Miller, Jr., flipped the ceremonial coin, naming F.H. Meyer Construction the winner (the firm called "heads," in case you were interested).

Read the full report from WGNO.

Read the Gretna Police Department press release.


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