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Call for research partners: The neuroscience behind decision making in AEC

January 21, 2018 |
Call for research partners: The neuroscience behind decision making in AEC

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For the past year and a half, I have had the pleasure of working with an incredible group of AEC marketing and business development leaders as a member of the Board of Trustees for the SMPS Foundation, the nonprofit research arm of the Society for Marketing Professional Services.   

The Foundation’s 2018 research project will explore the brain science behind client decision making behavior. That is, why do your clients—real estate developers, building owners, university leaders, school district officials, healthcare operators, etc.—make the decisions they do? And how, as an AEC firm, can you better tailor your services, marketing, and communications to more effectively influence your clients and better meet their needs?

Here’s a synopsis of the research project:

Within the AEC industries, our clients, both public (i.e., local, state, provincial, federal entities) and private, are responsible for making decisions regarding which companies they will hire to design and build their projects. As the market continues to become more competitive, we are interested in understanding and reacting to the science behind decision making—how brains work subconsciously and emotionally, and rationalize one service provider over another with stats and scoring, for example. The researcher(s) for this project should also explore and present any other components of decision-making and how service providers can affect the outcome of choices their clients make.

This is the type of important business research that is absent in our market. All AEC professionals could benefit from its findings and recommendations.   

The Foundation has composed a formal FRP in search of research groups and neuroscience experts who are interesting in taking on this important study.

If you are interested in learning more or submitting an RFP for this funded research project, please email me at Thanks!

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