K-12 Schools

How do you create an inspiring space that has to survive the wear and tear, daily, of hundreds or maybe even thousands of kids and teens? Not only will the design be challenging, but the district’s budget may be an obstacle of its own. However, with the right approach, a school can be the foundation of a generation.
April 01, 2007 | By Jay W. Schneider, Senior Editor

Worcester, Mass., is the birthplace of vocational education, beginning with the pioneering effort...

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June 01, 2006 | By Jeff Yoders, Associate Editor

America needs more schools. Forty-five percent of the nation's elementary, middle, and high schoo...

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October 01, 2005 | Barbara Horwitz-Bennett

High Tech High International, reconstructed inside a 1952 Navy metal foundry training facility, i...

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June 01, 2005 | By Julie S. Higginbotham

Add the explosion in the number of school-aged kids nationally to the glut of huge, vacant stores...

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June 01, 2005 | By Matthew Phair, Contributing Editor

One of the more compelling arguments for charter schools is their theoretical ability to streamli...

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June 01, 2005 | By Jeff Yoders, Associate Editor

Forty-five percent of the country's elementary, middle, and high schools were built between 1950...

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May 01, 2005 | Staff

In planning the Burr Elementary School in Fairfield, Conn., the school's building committee heede...

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March 01, 2005 | Dave Barista

Can the use of wood in school construction create healthier, safer, more productive learning envi...

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The MBCI NuRoof Retrofit Roof System was installed over the existing roofs fram

Metal Roof Consultants attended a school board meeting and presented a sloped metal retrofit roof...

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