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Ken Buchinger | May 11, 2015

How architects can tap into the expertise of their metal roof manufacturer, part 2

Here are three things metal roof manufacturers can do to help the architect

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How architects can tap into the expertise of their metal roof manufacturer, part 1

Architects are not only expected to be experts in every field, they must also be part lawyer, arbitrator and magician

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MBCI coated roof and wall panels virtually graffiti proof

A new effective solution that is biodegradable and water-soluble can help building owners and municipalities save millions of dollars.

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Fire resistance of metal cladding is an asset in wildfire-prone areas

Construction projects in fire-prone areas need to take wildfire danger into account, and metal panels provide some fire-resistant qualities.

Ken Buchinger | Sep 8, 2014

Metal roof and wall panels provide strong wind resistance

In areas that experience strong winds, metal roof and wall panels provide a sturdy, well-tested option for building envelope design.

Ken Buchinger | Sep 2, 2014

Metal roofs offer energy-efficiency, durability, and recyclability

Metal roofing material is known for its durability, but it also offers two other sustainable attributes that are sometimes overlooked: enhanced energy-efficiency and high recyclability.

Ken Buchinger

Ken Buchinger is the General Manager of Technical Services for MBCI. He began working at MBCI in 1988, and throughout his tenure he has been responsible for handling field problems, developing weathertightness warranties, erector training, research and development certifications, and the creation and management of the MBCI installation manuals and catalogs. Buchinger is actively involved in several trade associations and has written numerous articles for various trade magazines and gives presentations for various organizations. Prior to working at MBCI, Buchinger was part owner of Whitehouse Construction Company and erected metal buildings for Brown Erection Company.