AIA releases nine new contract documents

Include six new forms for design-build projects.

November 10, 2015 |
AIA releases nine new contract documents

Photo: Mark Kaletka/Creative Commons

The American Institute of Architects has released nine new contract documents.

They include a new owner/consultant agreement with two accompanying scope of service exhibits for land surveying and geotechnical engineering. Six new administrative forms for use on design-build projects are also available.

“Our customers expressed a need for a standard form of agreement owners could use to engage necessary consultants and leverage their expertise,” says Kenneth Cobleigh, Managing Director & Counsel, AIA Contract Documents. “The new C103 document addresses that need. These additions also cap off our design-build family of documents, which are preferred by the industry at large for commercial design-build projects.”

The C103–2015, Standard Form of Agreement Between Owner and Consultant without a Predefined Scope of Consultant’s Services, establishes expectations between an owner and consultant on a project. The agreement contains basic business terms related to copyrights and licenses, claims and disputes, termination or suspension, and compensation.

The new documents are currently available through the latest version of the AIA Contract Documents desktop software, as well as individually through AIA Documents-on-Demand and AIA Documents-on-Demand Plus.

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