Webcast explores the effects of light on human health and behavior

January 23, 2009 |

Research on the non-visual effects of light is playing an increasingly important consideration in the practice of lighting. Recent discoveries indicate that the non-visual effects of light are mediated by a newly discovered photoreceptor in the eye that is distinct from the classical rods and cones for vision. 

These findings, presented in this webcast, will provide its participants with useful information on:

· How light regulates hormones, rhythms, and behavior in humans,

· How this research is leading to the development of new architectural lighting strategies, and

· How light can be used to treat clinical and non-clinical problems

7 pm (EST), March 11, 2009

Duration: Approx 70 minutes + Q+A

Presenter: George C. Brainard, Ph.D.

Professor of Neurology, Pharmacology

Director, Light Research Program

Jefferson Medical College

Join your colleagues at an IES Sectional Meeting on March 11, 2009 for an enhanced educational experience. Participating IES Sections will be listed with contact information on the IES web site.  Those unable to attend an IES Section meeting can participate with their home or office computer and phone ($295).

For more information or to participate:  Visit the IES website at: www.ies.org. Look for the webcast link on the homepage.

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