U.S. military needs to do more to address climate change risk for facility design

GAO report cites hundreds of overseas facilities in peril.

January 04, 2018 |

The U.S. military has neglected to plan for climate change-related risks at hundreds of overseas facilities, according to a report by the Government Accountability Office.

The report also found that many facilities are not consistently tracking costs resulting from extreme weather. DoD has identified climate change and its effects as threats to facilities, but has been slow to implement solutions, the study found.

Designers and engineers do not have the information needed to ensure that risks are addressed in installation plans and project designs, according to the report. Further, planners need better information to develop accurate budget estimates for infrastructure sustainment.

Among the climate-related impacts cited in the study were extreme tides that had flooded a missile testing range in the Pacific in 2008, and damage to piers and buildings from recent storms. In addition, extreme heat days in the Middle East, have forced suspension of all non-essential physical training and exercises.

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