Swift track offers glass block system with illumination capability

June 28, 2009 |


Swift Track, Inc. has developed and patented Swift Track, the only glass block installation system with illumination capabilities. This system utilizes a uniquely extruded clear acrylic channeling profile, along with an injection-molded connector. The connector is the key to maintaining proper alignment of the glass blocks during construction. Although the system was designed to fit the simple needs of the do-it-yourselfer, it also takes in to consideration the more complex commercial applications for some very dramatic and colorful, visual effects.

Amazed by Swift Tracks design and the ease, in which one can introduce color and light, Swift Track has become the system of choice for builders both residential and commercial, hotel and entertainment chains, architects, designers and homeowners. Because of the unique, clear, profile extrusion, two ½” channels act as chases to house fiber optics, rope lighting, luminescent tape, even LED strips to illuminate your glass block project.

You not only get light transmitted through the block, but the joints are also illuminated as well. With “Swift Track”, the installer can also incorporate, low voltage lighting, communication or data lines, either during installation or anytime after the job is completed. You get all these options for one base installation cost. Swift Track is with out a doubt the most flexible system on the market today giving you professional results and eliminates the messy, time consuming and costly expense of a mason.

Although Swift Track was designed primarily for Pittsburgh Glass Blocks, we are now in the process of retooling for the Seves glass block company, which will offer colorized blocks and accommodate larger lighting applications. When finalized, we will be upgrading our web site, so please bookmark us and visit us from time to time. To better service our clients, Swift Track, Inc. is in the process of offering exclusive distributorships across the country, if interested please contact us.

We are also working closely with some of the largest players in the LED and Fiber Optic market, to design some exclusive, eye popping lighting applications for Swift Track. To get an idea on cost, the suggested retail price for the clear extrusion is $3.25 lineal foot, the connectors $0.05 each and the Swift Track Silicone is $6.95 a tube. Based on a 6’ x 8’ wall, it breaks down to $15.79 sq. / ft. complete, less the glass blocks and the lighting. A conventional masonry installation would start at $40.00 a sq/ft, and wouldn’t be able to provide the special options Swift Track offers at no extra cost.

Swift Track, Inc. would like to take this time to thank you for considering us for your next project and we look forward to working closely with your designers and contractors. Please feel free to visit our web site at www.swifttrack.com

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