May 10, 2022

6 steps to designing a modern wine display

Design-focused wine displays are becoming increasingly popular in amazing residential and commercial properties throughout the world. Top design/build professionals are using stylish wine racks and other premium materials to create wine cellars that are too beautiful to hide in out-of-the-way places like dusty basements. This course explains why wine cellars have become so popular and the key aspects of designing an appealing modern wine cellar, broken into six planning steps that should be considered during pre- or early-construction phases.

VintageView Wine Storage Systems

VintageView Wine Storage Systems

VintageView modernized the wine cellar design industry by inventing the label-forward wine rack (as in you can see the label, not the cork, when the bottle is stored). This now patented concept has defined the trend of wine storage moving from out-of-the-way basement locations into main floor living and commercial dining areas. Our contemporary, modular wine racks create custom results for discerning clietns and all come backed by a lifetime warranty. 


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