Enhancing the Built Environment with Architectural Metal Mesh

Architectural metal fabric is a dynamic interior and exterior material used to create beautiful and functional façades, balustrades, and screening…

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Acoustic and Aesthetic Suspended Ceiling Solutions Using Stone Wool

Architects, Specifiers, Interior Designers, and Building Science Professionals all have a long history of specifying stone wool for their insulation…

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Aluminum Railing For Construction & Renovation Projects

In this course, you will be able to: identify common architectural aluminum railing system applications including balconies, amenity spaces,…

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Reducing Carbon Emissions Using Aluminum

This CEU will introduce you to the carbon footprint concept and how materials selections can impact it. We’ll go over the Aluminum life-cycle and…

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Waterproofing deep foundations for new construction

Below-grade waterproofing systems can be critical features of building enclosure design, particularly when the structure has a deep foundation. As…

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Interior design/Interior architecture

Performance-based facilities for performing arts boost the bottom line

New technologies, innovations, and tools are opening doors for building teams interested in better and yet less-expensive performing arts facilities…

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For the Multifamily Sector, Product Innovations Boost Design and Construction Success

It seems fitting that wider adoption of thin-shell concrete, a technology popular worldwide but somehow unfavored in the U.S., has resulted from the…

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Attractive Accents: The Versatile Appeal of Architectural Metal

Architectural metal panel systems offer design versatility and longevity. They can be used for roofing and wall systems, soffits, perforated flair,…

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Composite Decking Delivers Performance, Safety & Value

Long lasting, hassle free, and environmentally friendly, the newer composite decking options are a high-performance alternative to traditional wood…

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Fire safety considerations for cantilevered buildings [AIA course]

Cantilevered buildings seem to be everywhere in New York City these days, as developers and architects strive to maximize space, views, and natural…

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