The six-figure difference between inefficiency and profit

When an already overbooked Johnson Pace Inc. took on more demanding clients with a slightly thinner staff, they knew they faced a challenge. So how did they end up so successful?

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October 18, 2013 |

High profile, multi-million dollar clients don’t tolerate a lot of things—not slow or sloppy jobs, late or inaccurate financial records and they sure as hell don’t tolerate excuses. When an already overbooked Johnson Pace took on more demanding clients with a slightly thinner staff, they knew they faced a challenge. So how did they end up so damn successful?

Johnson Pace Incorporated is a full-service engineering, architectural and surveying company that promises cost-effective solutions to their clients. Offering a wide array of services is no problem—they have nine different divisions filled with engineers, architects and specialists to handle all their clients’ needs.

But offering their expertise at competitive price while adding and running several office locations wasn’t easy—here’s how they managed to pull it off. 

They Cut $100,000s of Unnecessary Costs

• They cut general expenses by 50% while taking on more jobs and clients.
• They trimmed at least $195,000/year from IT overhead alone.
• They cut one admin’s overtime by 60 hours/month and allowed her to return to 40-hour work weeks instead of requiring regular 55-hour marathons. (Needless to say, the morale improvement was immeasurable.) 

And Grew Significantly More Profitable

In a nutshell, they became really efficient in the office. So they logged more billable hours. They were able to offer clients more services and take on more jobs. Then they billed for all those jobs much faster and as a result their cash flow sped up and their revenue soared. 

They Won Some Serious Awards

During that time, they also earned exactly the type of awards an A/E/C firm wants:  ENR Texas & Louisiana Top Design Firms 2011, Best of Business – Longview Engineers 2010, Mid-West Award of Excellence for designing the Reed Professional Office Building 2010, and the Better Business Bureau Gold Star Award 2012.


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They Gained More Clients

Their favorite part is that they can make their clients happier with less effort. They’re able to provide detailed reports along with clear invoices so clients know the value of their services and they can count on referrals to keep their business growing. 

How They Did It

They started using BillQuick for time tracking, billing and project management. They realized that half of their admin team spent their time solely on workarounds to create invoices in their previous pricey, well-known office management software. Invoicing took half an hour to several hours in the old system—for one invoice! So they decided to try BillQuick as their time billing and project management solution. It allowed them to immediately trim overhead by 50% and crank out 5500 invoices in just over a year.  That’s billing for 9 different divisions, countless projects and everything that comes with them—all while spending less time in the office. They suddenly realized it wasn’t necessary to have numerous IT personnel dedicated to troubleshoot accounting software problems.

Now Johnson and Pace Incorporated can give their clients the superior quality work they’ve always dreamed of delivering, at a higher value than they thought possible. 

Learn how BillQuick can help you.

Check out Johnson & Pace Incorporated here.

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